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  1. the industry
    So Many Sequels, So Little Time: Sony Moves Ahead With Next Venom MovieYou liked them. You really liked them.
  2. box office
    Halloween Might Break the October Box Office RecordLook out, record! He’s right behind you!
  3. last night on late night
    Eminem Rapping “Venom” on the Empire State Building Is the Superhero We DeserveThis should have just been in the movie, right?
  4. box office gold
    The Symbiotes Controlling Our Bodies Gave Venom the Biggest October Opening EverDon’t worry: A lot of the symbiotes loved A Star Is Born too.
  5. venom
    Riz Ahmed Doesn’t Want to Be ‘Post-Racial’The rapper-actor-political activist on Venom, racial identity, and the “false dichotomy” between escapist entertainment and political discourse.
  6. movie review
    There’s Only One Reason to See VenomIt’s Tom Hardy, whose amiable mugging makes a nice change from his recent manly, mush-mouthed stoicism.
  7. Tom Hardy Needs To Learn How To EnunciateIt makes you want to turn on the subtitles.
  8. movies
    Venom’s Credits Scenes, ExplainedWho was that character Eddie meets with?
  9. venom
    Venom Is Funnier Than You’re ExpectingTom Hardy creates a one-man buddy comedy.
  10. music
    Eminem Just Released a Surprise Album Called KamikazeThere are skits, the new Venom song and everything.
  11. trailer mix
    The Symbiote Is Taking Over in the Newest Venom Trailer“I have been … taken.”
  12. Breaking Down the Ever-So-Gritty Venom TrailerFeaturing cameos from Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams!
  13. trailer mix
    Venom Trailer: Tom Hardy Is Your Troubled New Super Anti-HeroPremiering this October.
  14. okay sure
    Tom Hardy Is Not a Terrible RapperIf you care about early-’90s New York rap, you’ll find something to enjoy here.
  15. casting couch
    Riz Ahmed in Talks for Venom, Which Already Stars Your Boyfriend Tom HardyLooks like a few casting directors have been researching to find your faves.
  16. venom
    Tom Hardy Is Your New VenomZombieland alum Ruben Fleischer will be directing the 2018 superhero flick.
  17. the sense of an ending
    Life Isn’t a Venom Prequel — But Wouldn’t It Be Better If It Was?You have to admire the ending’s big swing.
  18. villains we love
    That Solo Venom Movie Is Definitely Happening, and It Has a Release DateSony could be setting itself up for annual Spidey-related releases after all.
  19. the industry
    Spider-Man Villain Venom Might Be Getting His Own Movie FranchiseBut it apparently won’t include Spider-Man.
  20. franchises
    Sony Plans New Spider-Man Movie Every YearWith a great franchise, comes great responsibility to make movies.
  21. movie franchises
    Sony to Avengers-ize Their Spider-Man FranchiseVenom and the Sinister Six are each getting their own movies.
  22. comic-book movies
    Chronicle Director May Make Venom MovieIt’s a Spider-Man spinoff.
  23. the industry
    At Last, Ellen Page, Maeby Fünke, and Har Mar Superstar to Write a TV ShowPlus: You’ll never guess where the Phantom of the Opera ended up.
  24. the industry
    Howard Stern Heading Back to ‘Rock ’n’ Roll High School’Plus: Sony’s trying to develop a pitch-black superhero story of their own! Too bad it’s Venom.