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  1. movie review
    What Are We to Make of Skin, Another Redemption Tale About Neo-Nazis?Jamie Bell’s performance is downright volcanic in this imperfect story of learned hatred.
  2. movies
    Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Are Still Trying to Stop That Annabelle DollHas anyone tried fire?
  3. trailer mix
    The Front Runner Trailer: Hugh Jackman Faces a Political Sex ScandalThe Jason Reitman film premieres November 7.
  4. Boundaries Is a Bit Stale, But Makes Up for It With a Great CastIf the film smells more of mothballs than marijuana, it’s full of good actors: Vera Farmiga, Christopher Plummer, Peter Fonda.
  5. Vera Farmiga Defends Her Accent in The DepartedAnd tells us about her latest film, Boundaries.
  6. casting couch
    Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Join Liam Neeson in The CommuterThe pair will take a break from exploring the realm of the supernatural for Jaume Collet-Serra’s next action thriller.
  7. trailer mix
    Watch Gervais in Special Correspondents TrailerThe struggle.
  8. trailer mix
    New The Conjuring 2 Trailer: This Time the Scary Children Are BritishCan’t stop, won’t stop investigating.
  9. casting couch
    Vera Farmiga and America Ferrera Join Ricky Gervais’s Netflix MovieThey’ll act alongside Eric Bana.
  10. new york film festival 2014
    Winter’s Bone’s Debra Granik on Her New Doc“I will always face the conundrum that the subjects I’m attracted to aren’t essentially commercial.”
  11. party chat
    Vera Farmiga Kisses and Tells About Bates Motel’s Season Finale“Norma already has a skewed perspective of affection.”
  12. movie review
    Ebiri on At Middleton: A College Visit, a Daylong RomanceThis is a modest movie with modest aims, but at times it feels like a small miracle.
  13. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Bates Motel’s Farmiga Defends Norma“She is the mother of a child with mental issues.”
  14. movie review
    Ebiri: The Conjuring Makes Screams the Old-Fashioned Way — It Earns ThemVera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star as a pair of paranormal investigators in the new spook story from director James Wan.
  15. trailer mix
    The Conjuring Trailer: A Couple That Hunts Ghosts Together …Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga: ghost hunters!
  16. chat room
    Vera Farmiga on Bates Motel and Deciding to Do Television“It read to me like a really bizarre love letter between a mother and a child.”
  17. tca press tour 2013
    Bates Motel’s Vera Farmiga: Norma’s Not All Bad The Psycho prequel premieres March 18 on A&E.
  18. casting
    A&E Lands Vera Farmiga for Psycho TV SeriesShe’ll play the mother of Norman Bates.
  19. Vera Farmiga to Play Fleetwood Mac SingerBut not Stevie Nicks, FYI.
  20. movies
    Vera Farmiga in Talks to Star in a Romeo and Juliet AdaptationIt has an ethnic twist.
  21. movie review
    Movie Review: Higher Ground, Vera Farmiga’s Amazingly Graceful Directorial DebutWhat a delicate balance this movie is, with enough religious fervor to discomfit the skeptics and enough skepticism to discomfit the religious.
  22. trailer mix
    Higher Ground Trailer: Vera Farmiga Says Her PrayersAnd makes her directorial debut.
  23. movie review
    Three Movie Reviews: Henry’s Crime, Ceremony, and Blank CityAll your indie-film questions answered in one critical roundup.
  24. chat room
    Vera Farmiga on Her Directorial Debut Higher Ground and Her Advice for New Oscar NomineesAlso, directing her younger sister in an onscreen sex scene.
  25. the industry
    Madonna to Jump Back in the Directors ChairFinally, a movie about the King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson affair!
  26. vulture on set
    Pics: Keanu Reeves Shooting Henry’s CrimeIt’s pretty glamorous.
  27. quote machine
    Anna Kendrick Tormented by Unsightly Co-starPlus: Bryce Dallas Howard totally down for some nepotism.
  28. red-carpet look book
    Red-Carpet Look Book: Vera FarmigaA fashion yearbook for the actress from Up in the Air.
  29. quote machine
    Vera Farmiga: OverPlus: Rupert Everett has some controversial advice for closeted gay actors and actresses.
  30. quote machine
    Vera Farmiga’s Breasts Have Finally Found Their PurposePlus: The secret reason “Stairway to Heaven” became so popular is finally revealed.
  31. the industry
    Jessica Biel to Have Lots of SexPlus: Idris Elba! Oliver Platt! And more ‘Chuck’!
  32. trailer mix
    Up in the Air’s Marketing Problem Solved in New TrailerDid you know Zach Galifianakis is in this?
  33. first looks
    First Clip From Up in the Air Doesn’t Exactly Play Up Film’s Zeitgeist-Capturing Qualities“Incomprehension, fury, bewilderment, sense of injustice, hopelessness and despair.” Also: It’s a romantic comedy!
  34. spoilers
    So What’s Orphan’s Surprise Ending, Anyway?What could possibly be so shocking? And what if you’re like us and are too afraid to sit through a horror movie to find out? Not to worry!
  35. the industry
    Vera Farmiga and George Clooney to Join Mile-High ClubPlus: Finally a television show about police work.
  36. chat room
    Vera Farmiga on ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ and Not Playing Valerie Plame’I don’t think I’d ever cried so hard the way I did when reading the script.’
  37. the early word
    What’s Buzzing at Sundance: Hold On, We’ll Find SomethingYou can’t say Sundance is a bust — if these films were at Tribeca, everyone would be thrilled. But so far it’s definitely a dud.
  38. the industry
    British Woman Had Titian Hanging in Her Living RoomPlus industry news on Ben Silverman, ABC’s new dance show, and Kate Beckinsale as … Judith Miller?