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  1. bookexpo
    Divergent Author Veronica Roth’s Next Movie Will Explore Mental IllnessVeronica Roth’s next movie will be based on her short story “Inertia.”
  2. epilogues
    Veronica Roth Wrote a Divergent Series EpilogueAbout Tobias, a.k.a. Four.
  3. adaptations
    Veronica Roth on the Box and the Other Changes to InsurgentAlso, she discusses the idea of changing the ending to Allegiant.
  4. Divergent Author Announces Star Wars–y SeriesIt’ll “tell of a boy’s unlikely alliance with an enemy.”
  5. ya corner
    Veronica Roth Says Uriah Will Definitely Be in Insurgent“If they cast a white boy, I would be kind of upset about that.”
  6. movie review
    Edelstein on Divergent: Entertaining, If You Ignore the SubtextShailene Woodley is tremendous. The film’s insidious anti-intellectual bent, not so much.
  7. young adult files
    Divergent Author Veronica Roth Builds Her EmpireThe Hunger Games was just becoming a thing when I was finishing writing it.”
  8. live event
    Replay Vulture’s Google+ Hangout with Divergent Author Veronica RothThe Divergent author answered questions for nearly an hour.
  9. books
    Ask Divergent Author Veronica Roth Your QuestionsOur Google+ Hangout with the Divergent author has been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 5.
  10. ya life
    And the Third Book in the Divergent Trilogy Is Called …It rhymes.