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  1. sequential art
    How Vertigo Changed Comics ForeverThe influential DC Comics imprint just got canceled.
  2. vertigo
    Arrested Development Season 5 Will Revolve Around a Murder MysteryWho killed Lucille Two?
  3. pilots
    Native American Noir Comic Scalped Is Getting a TV AdaptationIt was a hit series for Vertigo.
  4. the canon
    David Edelstein on the Sight & Sound Poll: Vertigo? Okay. Fine.Our film critic is a bit peevish, having never been asked to participate in the poll.
  5. lists
    Sight & Sound Poll: Vertigo Tops Citizen KaneWe have a new champ, after several decades.
  6. vertigo
    Vertigo Music With Dark Knight FootageHitchcock: always watching.
  7. the artist
    See Star Wars Set to the Soundtrack From VertigoHan Solo meets Hitchcock in a cinematic/musical meeting of the minds (and ears).
  8. movies
    Check Out Buried’s Hitchcockian New PosterA ‘Vertigo’-channeling masterpiece.