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  1. they complete us
    You Can Visit a Jerry Maguire–Only ‘Video Store’They had us at hello.
  2. This Week in Web Videos: ‘F the Internet’How refreshing it was to stumble across the YouTube page of a one Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough. Led there by her F the Internet, and made to […]
  3. An Early Shot of Absurdism: The Smothers Brothers’ ‘Yo Yo Man […]If you grew up in the suburbs of the early 90s, you may recall the hazy visage of Tom Smothers waggling his bony hips with two yo-yos flipping […]
  4. vulture remix
    Fant4stic Works Better As a ’90s VHS FlickThe latest episode of “Vulture Remix”!
  5. video
    Someone Made an ’80s Retro Version of the Game of Thrones IntroWesteros meets Whitesnake.
  6. instructions
    How to (and How Not to) Make a Good Horror Anthology MovieThis weekend’s ABCs of Death is just the latest in the scary subgenre.
  7. horror movies
    A V/H/S Breakdown for the Horror PuristsHow does it meet your horror flick needs?
  8. vhs
    Watch the International Trailer for V/H/SYup, still terrifying.
  9. vhs
    Watch the Red Band Trailer for V/H/SLet’s go to the videotape!