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Victor Garber

  1. movie review
    It’s the Uncozy Parts of Happiest Season That Make It InterestingThe Kristen Stewart-Mackenzie Davis Christmas rom-com is at its best when it acknowledges the cruelty underscoring its holiday hijinks.
  2. last night on late night
    Bernadette Peters Decides Smash Rates Exactly 8 and 3/4ths Out of 10Peters answered the important questions on Watch What Happens Live.
  3. broadway
    Bernadette Peters Will Replace Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly! (Cue Gasps)Peters will take over the role on January 20.
  4. in casting news
    Sarah Paulson Joins Rebel in the RyeBehind every rebel is a great woman. 
  5. party chat
    Victor Garber Also Failed to Spot Ben Affleck’s Penis“I’m sure it’s beautiful.”
  6. guest stars
    Victor Garber Cast on Sleepy HollowAs Ichabod’s father.
  7. tv review
    Seitz: Deception Has More Going on Than It Knows What to Do WithThe most frustrating thing about this show is that it’s more fun to pick apart than it is to watch.
  8. kudos
    Who Is the MVP of Argo’s Character Actors?Arkin? Goodman? Coach Taylor?
  9. casting couch
    Gillian Anderson Joins Haley Joel Osment MovieCan the nineties give birth to itself?
  10. drama
    Stephen Sondheim ‘Terrifying’“If you have a problem with that, go see a shrink.”