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  1. When Jerry Seinfeld and ‘Spy’ Magazine Teamed Up to Mock Celebrities, ’90s […]Jerry Seinfeld has been a ubiquitous cultural figure for so long that it can be easy to forget that he was once just a hip New York comic whose […]
  2. Victoria Jackson Plays Six Roles in a New Movie Called ‘Campin’ Buddies’Curious what SNL alum Victoria Jackson is up to these days? Aside from performing courageous political songs like “There’s a Communist Living […]
  3. The Ten Craziest Sentences From This Profile of SNL Alum Victoria JacksonIn chronological order as they appear in the Miami New Times. “Marlene was convinced her daughter could avoid schizophrenia only if she became […]
  4. Saturday Night’s Children: Victoria Jackson (1986-1992)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 35 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  5. Victoria Jackson Solves Occupy Wall Street First of all, don’t even watch this video of SNL alum Victoria Jackson visiting Occupy Wall Street. It’s 15 fucking minutes long, and you have […]
  6. I Guess Gary Kroeger Wasn’t AvailableDepressing press release headline of the day: “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Reunion with Victoria Jackson & Joe Piscopo @ the new CLUB PISCOPO in […]
  7. Julie Klausner Swings by Low Standards to Discuss Casual Sex? Low Standards with John and Matt is back after an unplanned, technical-difficulties-related hiatus. But it was worth the wait, guys! In this […]
  8. tv
    ABC Is Making Celebrity Wife SwapAnd Victoria Jackson might be involved.
  9. Victoria Jackson’s Trainwreck Gets In a Trainwreck Comedians often play along the fine line between truth and hyperbole, eviscerating cliches and propagating bigotry. SNL alum Victoria Jackson […]