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  1. Seth Meyers’ Best ‘SNL’ SketchesConsidering he’s anchored Weekend Update since 2006, it’s easy to forget that Seth Meyers was once a regular SNL cast member who served as the […]
  2. Looking Back at 15 of Leno’s Best Appearances on Letterman’s ‘Late Night’On last friday’s Tonight Show, Bravo host Andy Cohen attempted to wring some gossip out of Jay Leno by asking about the most annoying […]
  3. 9 Funny People Who Direct Great Music VideosQuick history lesson: if a music video was funny in the 1980s, it was probably completely unintentional. In the first half of the decade, the […]
  4. Walking Through the History of ‘Between Two Ferns’ with Scott AukermanWith the Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York debuting Sunday at 8:30 before the Comedy Awards, I thought it was a perfect time to look […]