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  1. vulture lists
    The 100 Hardest Video-Game Bosses, RankedFrom gods and zombies to a ship and a song, the one trait they all share is an ability to end your game swiftly.
  2. YouTuber PewDiePie Faces a Backlash After Saying the N-Word During a Live StreamFirewatch developer Sean Vanaman subsequently announced his company’s plan to have footage of the gamer playing their games pulled from YouTube.
  3. daddy can you hear me?
    The Daddies of Dream Daddy, Ranked by Dreaminess and DaddinessTeach me, daddy.
  4. This ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ Video Game Concept Needs to Become a Real […]Since there’s already a video game where you can experience what it’s like to perform at an open mic as a standup comic, it seems only fair […]
  5. The Keynote Address at the Association for Aspiring Plumbers, by Chris […] I’m glad to see so many young people here with an interest in pursuing a career in plumbing. However, I feel it is my duty to inform you that […]
  6. video games
    The PlayStation 5 Is Likely Years Away, So You Might As Well Grab a PS4 SlimA good deal should dissuade you from any temptation to wait for the next generation.
  7. The Best Video Games of 2017 (So Far)Brilliant new takes on The Legend of Zelda and Resident Evil headline an especially strong year for games.
  8. The 9 Video Games You Won’t Want to Miss This SummerIncluding Uncharted Revisited, slasher horror, a stylish indie, and more.
  9. Conan O’Brien Reviews a New Oculus Rift Game for the Latest Edition of […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Conan, where O’Brien tries out a new Oculus Rift game called Wilson’s Heart for a brand new installment of […]
  10. chat room
    Thundercat on Drunk, Anime, and Video Games“I hate the new Street Fighter. It’s just not good.”
  11. controller freak
    Short Reviews of the 7 Nintendo Switch Games That Aren’t ZeldaIncluding options for fans of Final Fantasy, Bomberman, and milking cows.
  12. companionable solitudes
    You Can Now Play a Walden Video Game, Because Reading Is for SuckersWhat would Henry David Thoreau do?
  13. vulture cover story
    Video Games Are Better Than Real LifeMany Americans have replaced work hours with game play — and ended up happier. Which wouldn’t surprise most gamers.
  14. where are they now
    John McTiernan Made His First Film in 14 Years“The Red Dot” is a 90-second commercial for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
  15. most anticipated of 2017
    The 17 New Video Games (and a Console) That Are Must-Play in 2017Nintendo’s Switch console, a Red Dead Redemption sequel, and much more.
  16. Conan O’Brien’s ‘Clueless Gamer’ Segment Might Become Its Own TBS ShowBuried in yesterday’s news that TBS might switch Conan to a weekly hourlong format sometime in the future was another bit of late night news […]
  17. video games
    Listen to Ariana Grande, Final Fantasy–StyleThe best collision of pop music and video games. 
  18. fists of fury
    Ariana Grande Is Character in Final Fantasy GameShe’ll appear in Dangerous Woman form.
  19. video games
    Overwatch Character Tracer Revealed As QueerThe info came in a new digital tie-in comic.
  20. year in culture 2016
    The 10 Best Video Games of 2016It was a fine year for big-budget blockbusters, e-sports entries, and indie games alike.
  21. vulture lists
    10 Video Games to Lose Yourself In If You Can’t Get Enough WestworldWhat to try depends on what you get out of the show — or the kind of guest you would be, were you to visit its unsettling titular theme park.
  22. still the 80s
    The 1980s Shows, Movies, and Videos Games to Try Based on Your Modern FavoritesIf you like the newer fare, there’s a good chance you’ll like its predecessors, too.
  23. vulture hacks
    The 21 Best Video Games You Can Finish in 6 Hours or LessShort games are just as plentiful as massive ones, and no less compelling — perhaps even more so.
  24. vulture hacks
    You Should Buy a PlayStation 3 Even If You Don’t Play Video GamesFor the cost, finding a multimedia device as full-featured as the PS3 is nearly impossible.
  25. reality tv
    A Candy Crush Reality Show Is in the WorksThe host will be announced at a later date.
  26. beefin'
    Actors Union Threatens Strike Against Major Video-Game MakersSAG-AFTRA is not pleased with the contracts gaming companies are offering voice actors.
  27. new york comic con 2016
    Westworld Creators on BioShock’s Influence“Among the most literate and thoughtful pieces of entertainment that I’ve seen in the last ten years.”
  28. Justin Roiland and Tanya Watson Launch VR Game Development Studio […]Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland wants to develop and produce comedic VR games, and he’s teamed up with former Epic Games executive […]
  29. pokemon go
    Pokémon Go Sparks $5 Million Class-Action Lawsuit “At least five individuals knocked on Plaintiff’s door … and asked for access to Plaintiff’s backyard in order to ‘catch’ the Pokémon.”
  30. video games
    Will Life Is Strange Be the First Great Video-Game Adaptation?The game has actual, strong narrative underpinnings to adapt, with real characters that have arcs and emotions.
  31. the industry
    Legendary Pictures Is Adapting Life Is StrangeYou can already download the first episode for free.
  32. video games
    8 Essential Pokémon Go Tips You’ll Want to KnowWith these strategies, you’ll finally feel like an expert.
  33. best of 2016
    The Best Video Games of 2016 (So Far)Including Stardew Valley, Doom, and Dark Souls III.
  34. finish him!
    Zayn Really Did Mortal Kombat for the Met Gala“He had metal arms, and the theme was technology, so I just took it from him.”
  35. uncanny valley
    Nude Norman Reedus Stars in Death Stranding GameThe trailer is weirdly mesmerizing.
  36. video games
    Kit Harington to Play Call of Duty VillainHarington will play the face of the enemy faction.
  37. Is It Too Soon to Turn The Division Into a Film?The game was the fastest-selling new intellectual property in the gaming industry, earning $330 million the week it came out.
  38. Conan O’Brien, Peter Dinklage, and Lena Headey Play ‘Overwatch’ for […]Conan O’Brien’s “Clueless Gamer” segment returned last night, where O’Brien was joined by Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey […]
  39. the industry
    Nintendo Wants to Produce Movies“We want to do as much as we can by ourselves.”
  40. Uncharted 4: The Greatest Story Ever PlayedHow Naughty Dog — the developer behind the year’s most anticipated video game — makes summer blockbusters interactive.
  41. Conan O’Brien, Seth Rogen, and Zac Efron Test Out ‘Mario Kart 8’Here’s a clip from last night’s Conan, where O’Brien teams up with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron for the latest installment of “Clueless Gamer” […]
  42. reboots
    CBS Twilight Zone Reboot Will Be Interactive Choose your own scream-venture.
  43. Kumail Nanjiani and T.J. Miller Have an Intense ‘Dark Souls III’ Gaming […]Ahead of Dark Soul III’s release on April 12th, Silicon Valley stars Kumail Nanjiani and T.J. Miller met up with Bandai Namco to try out the […]
  44. controller freak
    On Firewatch and the Power of Human Voices in Video GamesSometimes it works, ironically, by making you feel even more lonely than before.
  45. kanye west
    Kanye Names Next Album After a Gaming Console“just on some super nerd vibes,” Kanye tweeted.
  46. videogames
    There Is Now a Leo DiCaprio Oscar Video GameThat 8-bit goatee!
  47. celebrities and apps
    Taylor Swift Is Working on a Mobile Game for Later This YearDo as the Kardashians do.
  48. roll clip!
    LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Game Is ComingFeaturing BB-8 and sand castles!
  49. video games
    Michael Jackson Did Write Music for SonicJackson was the only musician involved who actually played Sonic games.
  50. The New ‘Rick and Morty’ iOS/Android Game ‘Pocket Mortys’ Is Out Next WeekDan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Adult Swim series Rick and Morty is getting the video game treatment. Harmon revealed on Twitter yesterday that […]
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