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  1. the criterion collection
    Steven Soderbergh: Those Bad ’90s Movies Were Necessary for My Development“In my mind, this was all part of the process that I had to go through.”
  2. videotape
    Beyoncé’s New Video Is Here!Well, a new Beyoncé video is here.
  3. videotape
    Pusha T Has Beautiful Chauffeurs and the Respect of Crazy Homeless PeopleSee the video for “My God.”
  4. videotape
    Michael Jackson Video Breaks No New Ground in the Field of Posthumous-Music-Video ProductionA montage of doting fans, vintage Jackson footage, and generic scenes depicting various emotional states tangentially related to the lyrics in the song.
  5. video tape
    Lou Reed Apologizes to Susan Boyle by Directing Her Music VideoSee the video!
  6. video tape
    Aguilera’s ‘Not Myself Tonight’ Sex NoisesSex noises and bondage gear.