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  1. explainer
    That Bloody, Head-bashing Game in The Northman Is Based on a Real Viking SportTwo Viking experts explain the ins and outs of the violent Viking-era sport known as knattleikr.
  2. vulture faq
    11 Burning Questions About The Northman, AnsweredWhy is Ethan Hawke on his knees barking like a dog? Does Willem Dafoe’s hair always get you high, or do you have to mummify his head first?
  3. backstories
    The Hardest Day on the Set of The NorthmanDozens of viking extras, nonstop rain, and a village full of animals — what could go wrong?
  4. waterworld 2
    New Yorkers Guess The Northman’s Plot Based on Untitled Subway Posters“Vikings who are going through a really tough time.”
  5. for asgard!
    14 Viking Epics to Get Battle Ready for The NorthmanHollywood’s fascination with the warriors from the north has a long, spotty history.
  6. valhalla
    Vikings’ Most Memorable Deaths, As Chosen by Its CreatorThe blood eagle, the snake pit, and lots of stabbing.
  7. in memoriam
    Vikings’ Adam Thielen Takes the Field With a Special Alex Trebek HomageThe Vikings wide receiver wears custom cleats honoring the late Jeopardy! host.
  8. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Vikings Season 4, Part 2You don’t just declare war on England.
  9. the industry
    Vikings Gets 5th Season, Celebrates by Adding Jonathan Rhys MeyersHe’ll be a series regular.
  10. stay tuned
    Can I Watch O.J. If I Don’t Remember the Trial?#MillennialProblems.
  11. vikings
    Watch GoT’s Mountain Break a 1,000-Year RecordIf you think this weight-lifting record is impressive, check out the ensuing celebration.
  12. the industry
    Which 2014 Network and Cable Shows Still Face Cancellation?Which network and cable shows that debuted or returned this year are still awaiting their fates? Let’s break it down.
  13. renewals
    History Renews Vikings for 3rd Season[Sword sounds.]
  14. vikings
    Leonardo DiCaprio Might Play a Viking KingIn King Harald.
  15. hair to pillage by
    Take a Tour of the Insanely Epic Hair of VikingsWesterosi hair doesn’t hold a candle to all of the straggly extensions and big, bad beards coming out of eighth-century Scandinavia.
  16. the network death spiral
    Ye Gods! The Bible and Vikings Are Massive HitsMeanwhile, Red Widow and Celebrity Apprentice both bomb.
  17. striking similarities
    See the Many Shots Vikings Lifted From Game of ThronesClose-ups of crows, sundials, severed heads: We have found the HBO show’s long-lost twin!
  18. vikings
    Watch a Trailer for Vikings“The Storm Is Coming,” or so we’re told.
  19. pilots 2013
    ABC Buys Viking Drama From Charlize TheronCalled The Clan.
  20. thank odin
    Scripted Viking Drama Headed for the History ChannelCalled Norse by Norsewest. Just kidding, it’s called Viking.
  21. Mel Gibson Will Force Leonardo DiCaprio to Learn Old NorseThat’s a language, of course.