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  1. breaking bad
    The Breaking Bad Movie Will Reportedly Premiere on Netflix, Not AMCIt may or may not be about Jesse Pinkman.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Breaking Bad, RankedFrom Mr. Chips to Scarface, and everything in between.
  3. chat room
    Better Call Saul’s Vince Gilligan: ‘Never Say Never’ to Another SpinoffThe co-creator of Better Call Saul talks season four, Jimmy’s transformation, and the possibility of future spinoffs.
  4. jonestown
    Vince Gilligan Is Making a Cult DramaOctavia Spencer is also executive producing.
  5. influences
    Better Call Saul Influences: Godfather and More“We’ve been ripping off Edward Hopper shamelessly over the last two years, at least.”
  6. close reads
    Why Better Call Saul Is the Anti–Breaking BadWhere Vince Gilligan’s original AMC crime drama was plot-driven to a fault, the follow-up is more relaxed.
  7. what could have been
    Breaking Bad Would Have Killed Off Hank in S1There are silver linings!
  8. minor characters
    Say, Whatever Happened to Huell on Breaking Bad?Did he stay in that safe house?
  9. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Vince Gilligan’s Reddit AMAHe would really like it if people stopped throwing pizzas on that lady’s roof.
  10. People Won’t Stop Throwing Pizza on Walter White’s RoofSeriously, Vince Gilligan is not having it.
  11. tv review
    TV Review: Better Call SaulIt evokes a more laid-back, boozy sort of crime story.
  12. tv
    CBS’s New Vince Gilligan Show Headed to SundaysBattle Creek will star Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters.
  13. interesting developments
    Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Better Call SaulFor one thing, we’ll meet Saul’s brother.
  14. spinoffs
    AMC Orders a Second Season of Better Call SaulThey also pushed back its start date.
  15. AMC Orders Season 2 of ‘Better Call Saul’ Before Season 1 Even Airs; […]AMC announced today they’ve ordered a second season of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, prior to the first season even premiering. The […]
  16. it's so hard to say goodbye
    Breaking Bad Finale Was Almost ‘a Bloodbath’Vince Gilligan says he thought about killing everyone.
  17. Watch Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan on CommunityHe plays the Southern-twanged guide of a VCR game.
  18. Vince Gilligan Discusses His Upcoming ‘Community’ Appearance“Everybody in their heart of hearts wishes they could be Errol Flynn or Harrison Ford, swashbuckling away in a big movie. I always knew I […]
  19. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones Writers Inspired by Breaking BadValar Morghulis, right?
  20. pilots
    Bryan Singer to Direct Vince Gilligan PilotCBS’s Battle Creek.
  21. Dean Winters Joins Battle Creek As First of Two DetectivesVince Gilligan’s new drama is getting better and better.
  22. awards season
    Here Are the 2014 Writers Guild Awards WinnersCongrats Vince Gilligan, Spike Jonze, and Sarah Polley!
  23. awards season
    Alfonso Cuarón Wins Top Honor at DGA AwardsThe Gravity director’s Oscar chances don’t look bad.
  24. Vince Gilligan Says He Wants Mike Ehrmantraut to Appear on ‘Better Call […]It’s still up in the air whether Vince Gilligan’s Bob Odenkirk-centric Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul is a prequel, sequel, or takes […]
  25. it's so hard to say goodbye
    Vince Gilligan Doesn’t Gloat About Breaking BadBut he could.
  26. Vince Gilligan to Make His Acting Debut on an Episode of ‘Community’Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is set to try his hand at comedic acting. He’ll be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Community, […]
  27. guest stars
    Community Casts Vince GilliganCommunity sure loves Breaking Bad.
  28. Vince Gilligan Held a Live Reading of His Unproduced Comedy About Racism […]Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan held a live reading of his long-unproduced feature script 2 Face yesterday at the Austin Film Festival with […]
  29. old friends
    Better Call Saul Will Have BB Cast CameosWho do you want to see?
  30. Watch Stephen Colbert’s Post-’Breaking Bad’ Interview with Vince Gilligan Here’s Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan returning to The Colbert Report for one of his first post-Breaking Bad interviews. It’s pretty rare […]
  31. last night on late night
    Here Are the Best Breaking Bad Jokes From Last Night’s Late-Night ShowsLike an AMC–Food Network collaboration, brought to you by Jimmy Kimmel.
  32. last night on late night
    Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Vince GilliganAnd then lock him in a basement and demand new Breaking Bad scripts.
  33. series finales
    Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan on the Finale’s Toughest SceneIt’s not the first moment that pops to mind.
  34. Before ‘Breaking Bad’, Vince Gilligan Wrote Will Ferrell Movies and Other […]“A lot of people would probably disagree with me, but I see our series as kind of a comedy,” creator Vince Gilligan said about Breaking Bad […]
  35. your favorite shows in the future
    CBS Signed Vince Gilligan’s Next Show And it sounds like the best thing ever.
  36. breaking really bad
    What’s Walter White’s True Motivation?Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan don’t agree.
  37. chat room
    Vince Gilligan on Breaking Bad’s ‘Blood Money’Also: It’s time to bone up on your Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  38. edelstein irl
    See David Edelstein & the Cast of Breaking BadTonight at 7 p.m. at the Apple Store in Soho.
  39. we were so there
    Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad Exhibit Tour GuideCharlie Rose spilled the beans — one of them, at least.
  40. tca summer press tour 2013
    8 Things We Learned at Breaking Bad’s TCA PanelVince Gilligan is still high on the Saul spinoff.
  41. Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Is Moving ‘Full Speed […]Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has said in the past that he likes the idea of doing a spinoff for Bob Odenkirk’s fan-favorite Saul Goodman […]
  42. spinoffs
    Breaking Bad Spinoff Being Developed at ‘Full Speed’It could be an hourlong drama or a half-hour comedy.
  43. series finales
    Vince Gilligan Cried Writing the End of Breaking BadRuh roh.
  44. Vince Gilligan Says a Saul Goodman ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off Is ‘Indeed […]With Breaking Bad set to end its run this summer, we previously reported that creator Vince Gilligan and writer/producer Peter Gould are […]
  45. spinoffs
    Vince Gilligan Very Chill About Better Call SaulAfterMASH doesn’t scare him.
  46. upfronts 2013
    In Conversation: Vince Gilligan on the End of Breaking BadKnee-deep in edits for the final season, which premieres in August, the creator of television’s darkest drama talks with Lane Brown.
  47. last night on late night
    Walking Dead’s Merle Ambushed ConanPlus: Jay Leno’s cameo on Days of our Lives, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  48. series finales
    Vince Gilligan Will Direct Breaking Bad’s FinaleThe end times draw near.
  49. tv
    Vince Gilligan on Writing Breaking Bad’s FinaleThe evolution of Walt’s fate, The X Files, and how Casablanca had the ideal ending.
  50. inspirational quotes
    Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan Finding Comfort in Corny Yearbook QuotesHey, it’s hard creating the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad.
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