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  1. album review
    Vince Staples Is Showing America What It Refuses to SeeDeath is the only certainty on Ramona Park Broke My Heart.
  2. album review
    Vince Staples’s Best Talent Remains Never Letting Us Get Too ComfortableOn his new self-titled album, once again, the rapper is fine with being misunderstood.
  3. the inside track
    9 Songs That Wouldn’t Exist Without SOPHIEFrom ones SOPHIE produced to ones that undeniably bear the artist’s influence.
  4. the week in rap
    This Week in Rap MusicFrom slick ’70s drug rap to vital California storytelling, and everything in between.
  5. album review
    On Vince Staples’s FM!, Everybody DiesThen it sets about making its characters’ trip through the pearly gates as much of a riot as possible.
  6. coachella 2018
    Vince Staples Calls Out R. Kelly During Coachella Interview“If R. Kelly didn’t go to jail for being a child molester and peeing on people and having a human trafficking ring in Atlanta, I’ll be all right.”
  7. vince staples
    Vince Staples Cancels His GoFundMe Campaign, Donates Money InsteadHe created the campaign originally to troll his trolls, promising he would retire early if they donated enough money.
  8. songs of the week
    5 Best New Songs of the Week: Vince Staples, Leon Bridges, JeremihLeon Bridges is back!
  9. Vince Staples Will Never Negotiate His Artistic FreedomHis new single, “GTFOMD,” says as much, albeit in spicier terms.
  10. the art of trolling
    Vince Staples Hatched the Most Genius Plan to Troll His Trolls, and It’s WorkingFor $2 million, you can pay to make him go away. But also get new music.
  11. Smooth, Solid, and Cool: 25 Perfect Pop Songs for Figure SkatingFinding the sweet spot where stateliness and energy intersect.
  12. Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples Get Upstaged on ‘Opps’Yugen Blakrok’s verse immediately eclipses her more famous partners.
  13. Vince Staples Made a Hopeful Album, DJ Khaled Made a Hopeless OneIn Big Fish Theory, Vince Staples surprised with a hopeful album. In Grateful, DJ Khaled made a star-studded slog.
  14. DJ Khaled’s Grateful and 6 Other Albums to Listen to NowDJ Khaled, Vince Staples, Radiohead, Prince, and Laurel Halo push musical boundaries.
  15. Vince Staples Is in Control“I fucking hate Green Day. Hate Green Day. I like Panic! at the Disco.”
  16. songs of the week
    7 Best New Songs of the Week: SZA, Vince Staples, Rostam, Toro y Moi, MoreSZA made the perfect anthem for 20-somethings.
  17. songs of the week
    6 Best New Songs of the Week: Vince Staples, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, MoreSelena Gomez and Camila Cabello vie for the best pop debut of the week.
  18. big fish theory
    With ‘Big Fish,’ Vince Staples Announces His New Album Big Fish TheoryVince’s new album Big Fish Theory is due in June.
  19. concert review
    Vince Staples Finds Power in IsolationThe impressive power of a solo stage performance.
  20. Vince Staples Can See His Own DeathThe 23-year-old rap minimalist keeps a low profile, doesn’t drink or smoke, and makes mini-masterpieces that clock in at 30 minutes or less.
  21. Vince Staples’s First Concert Was Diana RossThere were drunk elderly people and food options.
  22. music videos
    The ‘Prima Donna’ Video by Vince Staples Is an Insane Journey Into the MindGet lost in his fever dream.
  23. reviews
    Vince Staples Reviews the OlympicsHe comes down hard on the horses too.
  24. videology
    Vince Staples’s Raps Will Literally Fly Over Your Head in His New VideoKendrick’s “Alright” video gets a spiritual sequel.
  25. chat room
    Vince Staples on His Debut Album and Dope“People killing people is never going to surprise me.”
  26. vulture recommends
    6 Best New Songs of the WeekFeaturing FKA Twigs, Ella Henderson, and Jessie Ware.