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Vincent Rodriguez Iii

  1. How the ‘Fit Hot Guys’ of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Shot Their Half-Naked Strip Scene“I’ve been a go-go boy, and now I’m doing a go-go boy episode. Art imitates life.”
  2. encounter
    How Vincent Rodriguez Went From Bit Player to Romantic Lead“I remember when I had ten bucks in my pocket and all I could eat is Chipotle.”
  3. the vulture tv podcast
    How Will the 2016 Election Affect Scripted TV?Will political TV shows take on different tones than they used to? And will writers generally lean into more progressive ideas?
  4. coming out
    CXG’s Vincent Rodriguez Loves Disney and HusbandThe happiest couple on Earth.
  5. first person
    Crazy Ex-GF’s Greatest Legacy Is the Asian BroIf you grew up anywhere with a sizable, multi-generational East Asian population, chances are you knew, hung out with, or lusted after tons of Asian bros.
  6. backstories
    How Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets Filipino Culture RightIt’s the first TV series to depict Filipino-American family life in a single episode.