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Vincent Van Gogh

  1. art du jour
    The Goldfinch Is Real! Vincent van Gogh Art Theft Befalls Dutch MuseumThe smash and grab was made easy due to the museum’s closure.
  2. movie review
    At Eternity’s Gate Puts You Inside Vincent van Gogh’s HeadAs an act of sympathetic imagination, the movie is only partly successful, but that part can take your breath away. The images vibrate with emotion.
  3. clarifications
    Everything You Know About Vincent van Gogh Is WrongAt Eternity’s Gate director Julian Schnabel addresses a few common myths about the troubled artist.
  4. reunions
    Willem Dafoe Sits Down With His Old Friend Jerry Saltz to Talk van GoghAfter decades apart, the two reunite to discuss Dafoe’s riveting performance in Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate, about the artist’s last days.
  5. This Hand-painted Movie About Vincent Van Gogh Brings His Paintings to LifeIt’s pretty incredible to watch.
  6. farm to canvas
    Artist Who Isn’t an Alien Made an Unbelievable Crop-Circle van GoghArt and ecology have never looked so good.
  7. james franco does it all
    See James Franco’s Face Superimposed On Famous PaintingsThe Instagram photos tease his new show.
  8. vincent van gogh
    Watch Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night Re-created in DominosHey, you collect stamps!
  9. intrigue in cairo
    On Closer Inspection, Mysterious Van Gogh Painting Still MissingAnd might be forged in the first place.
  10. art theft
    Vincent Van Gogh Painting Reportedly Stolen From Cairo Museum [Updated]It’s valued at $50 mill.