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  1. the crime scene
    If I Hate Violence So Much, Why Do I Love Writing About It?Writers of violent thrillers reflect on — and reaffirm — the ethics of what they do.
  2. gun violence
    Free Fire Is Another Ultraviolent Gun Movie, With One Crucial DifferenceThe movie avoids the anonymous spree killings that pop up in John Wick and Logan.
  3. a history of violence
    Movies Are More Violent Than Ever Before, and It’s AmazingIf you have an appetite for high body counts, fight choreography, and onscreen savagery, Hollywood might finally be meting out enough punishment.
  4. This May Be the Best Reason to Watch LoganVIDEO: Those claws …
  5. too far
    Walking Dead Producers Toned Down ViolenceThe people behind The Walking Dead have realized that their last display of gore struck out with fans.
  6. videology
    Watch the Weeknd’s Violent ‘False Alarm’ VideoNot safe for work, kids, anyone, or anywhere.
  7. Fear the Walking Dead’s Showrunner Hates GoreWhich helps the production, believe it or not.
  8. sequential art
    In Pakistan, Journalists and Comics Artists Team Up to Fight Terrorism“This is a powerful vehicle for conveying ideas which otherwise would get lost in longer essays and impersonal journalistic reporting.”
  9. Standup Dan Nainan Arrested in DC Last Night For Punching a Mean JournalistComic Dan Nainan was arrested last night after punching Daily Beast journalist Josh Rogin over some unkind tweets. Nainan was headlining the […]
  10. This No Weapons Rumble is a Sham, by David HenneAnd how’re brass knuckles out but live-tweeting’s in? Sharing 140 strategic characters with your preppie chums, in real time? Posting Vines on […]
  11. violins on tv
    The Crazy Violent Scene That Was Too Much Even for Breaking BadAaaaaaaahhhhh.
  12. Jim Carrey Speaks Out Against the Violence in ‘Kick Ass 2’Jim Carrey took to Twitter yesterday to distance himself from his next movie, Kick-Ass 2, a superhero sequel that hits theaters in August, […]
  13. violence
    NBC Shelves Hannibal EpisodeIt’s about children murdering each other.
  14. violins on tv
    Good Luck Finding a TV Drama Without MurderIn scripted dramas, the score is 107–18, with murder-y shows trouncing non-murder-y.
  15. james bond
    Read a Chart That Tracks Violence in Bond MoviesBlame Pierce Brosnan.
  16. Is IFC’s ‘Bullet in the Face’ the Most Violent TV Comedy Ever?With all the talk of Comedy Bang Bang and Bunk, it seems like IFC’s other new comedy series has been somewhat ignored. I mean, I hadn’t even […]
  17. violence
    Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon on How to Celebrate MTV’s 30th Birthday: ‘Open Fire’He’s quoting Ani Difranco.
  18. tv
    Watch a Montage of Every Violent Act in the Super Bowl CommercialsSo much slapping.