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Viral Marketing

  1. anti-viral marketing
    Radiohead Disappears From Web, Returns With BirdThe band seems to be deconstructing the notion of modern viral marketing to build hype for #LP9.
  2. days of future past
    Have a Look at X-Men’s Sentinels, Plus DinklageThe movie’s still a year away, but this is fun.
  3. buzzkills
    Enough Top-Secret Characters, Hollywood, We’ve Been Khan-ed OutJust tell us who Benicio Del Toro is playing in Guardians of the Galaxy already.
  4. viral marketing
    Under the Dome Miniseries Launches Creepy, Amazing PromoInput your address, watch your home get domed.
  5. dumb ways to die
    Learn Dumb Ways to Die, As Per The Walking Dead“Only travel in a herd, by yourself is not preferred.”
  6. Apparently, You Can Now Buy a Coffin Customized With a Sound SystemYou can sleep when you’re dead, also take advantage of four-inch midbass drivers.
  7. Hear ‘Carol of the Bells’ Played With Just Warehouse EquipmentWell, we know where the cast of Stomp gets their photos developed!
  8. cats
    All This Cat Wants Is to Be a D.J., and Is That So Wrong?Save Captain Cuddles!
  9. bob dylan
    Hear Bob Dylan Covered by an Orchestra of Printers and ModemsDylan meets Kinko’s.
  10. lord of the rings
    Air New Zealand’s Lord of the Rings FlightAll aboard the plane of FUN!
  11. Rob Riggle Is a Huge A-Hole in a Halloween-Themed Ad for Chipotle, of All ThingsThis burrito looks scaaaaaary!
  12. rhett and link
    Watch Two Dudes Sing Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’ … All Night LongOkay, Trident, we’ll buy your gum.
  13. terry crews
    Watch Terry Crews Play Music Using Only His Muscles (and Then You Do It, Too)It’s Terry Crews’s Internet, and you’re just visiting.
  14. robot and frank
    Visit the Tumblr for Robot and FrankAnd yet, no sign of Frank Langella!
  15. robocop
    See the New ED-209 From the RoboCop RemakeLearn your weapons!
  16. total recall
    Visit Welcome to Rekall, an Interactive Viral Site for Total Recall Hey, where’s Colin Farrell?
  17. dark knight rises
    Read the Gotham ObserverIt’s no Post, but it’ll do.
  18. Watch a Cartoon Ed O’Neill Talk Air SafetyTravel Ed Bundy’s skies!
  19. terminator
    Check Out a Warrant Poster for the Terminator Spotted in Lower ManhattanHey, isn’t that the guy who shtupped his maid?
  20. ashton kutcher
    Ashton Kutcher for Pop ChipsSo this isn’t an episode of Punk’d? Are we sure?
  21. dark knight rises
    Read the Warrant for BatmanDo your research!
  22. movie posters
    See Iconic Movie Posters From BehindFinally, a Forrest Gump butt shot!
  23. games
    Watch Joel McHale in a Super-Meta Viral Campaign for Nintendo 3DSCan a video go viral if it’s about going viral? Joel McHale investigates.
  24. don’t trust bitch in apartment 23
    Watch James Van Der Beek Sell BJs (Not What You Think It Is)You did it, ABC. You made a viral video that we like. Nice work.
  25. star wars
    Watch the Death Star Fly Over CopenhagenRemind us never to visit the Toys R Us in Copenhagen.
  26. pizza
    Behold the ‘Pizza Boomerang’It looks as it sounds. So … good luck with that.
  27. facebook
    Check Out ‘If I Die,’ a Facebook Application That Only Works After You’ve StoppedFinally, Facebook will update when you can’t! Because you’re dead!
  28. the hunger games
    See a ‘Puzzle Piece’ of the New Hunger Games PosterThe Hunger Games begins its viral campaign, and may the odds be ever in your favor because, yeesh, this looks exhausting.
  29. dark knight rises
    Read a ‘Leaked’ CIA Document (That Is Actually Part of a Viral Campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, But Who Cares?)Fake document or not, we’re so on the case.
  30. zach woods
    Watch Zach Woods Try to Get a Seat in a Movie TheaterZach Woods of The Office faces our worst fear: ALL THE SEATS ARE TAKEN!
  31. Watch a Goose Send a Hockey Stick via FedEx Boxes Stacked Like DominoesIn other words: viral marketing done right.
  32. cats
    See Inside a ‘Catvertising’ AgencyWhat can cat videos do for your business?
  33. viral marketing
    Thor Marketing Prompts Bomb ScareWhoops.