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  1. last night on late night
    And the Award for Viral Video of the Year 2018 Goes To …The internet has hit a lot of dingers over the past 12 months.
  2. bullying
    Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans Invite Bullying Victim to Infinity War PremiereMark Hamill (and many, many others) also offered their support after an anti-bullying video posted by the boy’s mother went viral.
  3. lawsuit
    Shirley Caesar Takes Legal Action Over the ‘U Name It Challenge’“Greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes …”
  4. The Cast of ‘Don’t Think Twice’ Just Made the Most Viral Video EverFunny or Die recently teamed up with Mike Birbiglia and the cast of his new film Don’t Think Twice to make a video promoting the movie, but […]
  5. Cop Gets Fired After Singing Death Metal On DutyHe really committed, at least.
  6. gone viral
    God Bless This One Humiliated Audience MemberYou sound so, so alone.
  7. last night on late night
    Justin Theroux Does His Best Drunk UConn Student“I thought that was an interesting character.”
  8. vulture tv awards 2015
    The Best Viral Moment of the Year Goes to ‘Too Many Cooks’Plus, a never-before-seen clip from our award-winner.
  9. celebrity impressions
    See a Hunky Young Steve Carell Imitate FabioColbert did the voice. Carell did the body. A wig did the hair.
  10. tv
    Key and Peele Turned That Viral Aerobics Video Into a Heart-Wrenching DramaBut don’t worry, it’s still funny.
  11. viral videos
    Game of Thrones Gets The Brady Bunch TreatmentCourtesy of The Wil Wheaton Project.
  12. the worst
    Yes, Jimmy Kimmel Will Keep Making Those Fake Prank VideosHe also thinks the media is stupid.
  13. Ylvis Talk About Why ‘Success Is Not Funny At All’Spin has a cool interview with Norwegian comedians and brothers Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, who created the viral video “The Fox (What Does the […]
  14. Jimmy Kimmel Reveals a Video of a Twerking Girl Catching on Fire Was a […] Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel revealed that his show was responsible for creating an internet video known as “Worst Twerk Fail EVER […]
  15. sex tapes
    Watch Alyssa Milano’s ‘Leaked’ Funny or Die Sex TapeWell, there’s kind of sex involved.
  16. videos
    Miley Is The Most Shocking Thing on Breaking BadHank and Marie just can’t believe what they’re seeing.
  17. Watch the Aaron Sorkinisms Sequel, Now With More Newsroom“Your garbage can is on fire.”
  18. dancing
    Ken Cosgrove Dances to Daft Punk: A Mash-upRight on time.
  19. Courtney Love Joins Stephen Dorff to Encourage Gen-Xers to Smoke e-CigarettesIt’s like quitting smoking, but cooler! 
  20. Welcome to F*cking Las VegasWhat happens in f*cking Vegas stays in f*cking Vegas.
  21. Watch an Elderly Barbershop Group Serenade Tim Hortons PatronsWe’d buy tickets. Just saying.
  22. This Is How a Juggler Lights a CigaretteIt’s magic!
  23. rebecca black successors
    Is This the Worst Rap Video in History?Rap! In! Space!
  24. Guy Turns Autistic Brother’s Sketches Into Reality, Is No. 1 BrotherLiterally the best brother ever.
  25. Celebrities and Their Pet Doppelgängers: Do You See It?Perez Hilton is so not a golden doodle.
  26. stupid pet tricks
    This Dog Crosses Its Eyes on CommandLike a googly-eyed greeting card come to life!
  27. Watch an Awesome Hot-Air Balloon Fireworks FailAll the colors!
  28. Watch Garbage Men on the Clock Play FoosballLike you wouldn’t play.
  29. We Found the Best Christmas-Gift Reaction of 2012Hot diggity dog, indeed.
  30. Little Girl Visits Doctor, Laughs Till It Hurts, Cries Till It TicklesSad faces, happy faces.
  31. Meet Kanga, the Blind Golden Retriever Who Doesn’t Know He’s BlindWe will dog-sit for free!
  32. Watch a Game of Extreme ChessThis ain’t your momma’s chess.
  33. kids doing awesome things
    This Year’s Little Drummer Boy Uses a Washing Machine InsteadPa-rum-pum-pum-awesome.
  34. The Human Hoist Is the Coolest Chair on WheelsMerry Christmas, you’re inactive!
  35. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like DoomsdayAre you in the spirit?
  36. drag queens
    Drag Queen’s Azealia Banks Parody Also Doubles As Savvy 2012 Rap-UpPeppermint throws shade at the Mayans.
  37. president obama
    Watch a Supercut of President Obama’s Signature PhraseCan you clarify, Mr. President?
  38. 50 shades of grey
    Listen to George Takei Read From Fifty Shades of GreyOh my, indeed.
  39. See Three Amazing Rubik’s CubesBig cubes, little cubes!
  40. superheroes
    Ashton Kutcher Presents Real-life Superheroes in San DiegoSan Diego’s in safe hands.
  41. hand farts
    ‘The Sound of Silence’ Is the Sound of Hand FartsWelcome to the Internet.
  42. cat videos
    And Now, a Fat Cat Who Can’t Escape the BathtubCharmingly chunky!
  43. extreme sports
    Watch Amazing Zipline CatapultsHow much do you hate your day job right now?
  44. What Happens When You Leave Your Dog Alone, Narrated by Warner HerzogWell, he’s certainly cerebral.
  45. mayan calendar
    NASA Explains Why the World Didn’t End on 12/21/22, Ten Days EarlyWeird science! Or, you know, just science.
  46. Well, This Is Certainly the Friendliest Beaver We’ve Ever SeenGet it out of the gutter, would you?
  47. dog shaming
    Chronically Ill-Behaved Dog Maymo Gets the Perfect Christmas Gift… and a partridge in a pear tree. Whoops, we meant “a pyramid of empty watter bottles.”
  48. christmas lights
    Somewhere in Brighton, U.K., There Are Very Naughty Christmas LightsMerry XXXmas!
  49. Adorable UPS Man Sings Christmas Ditty, Wins Us Over CompletelyYour move, FedEx.
  50. Watch an In-Depth Interview With Grumpy CatTard really opens up here.
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