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Viva Laughlin

  1. apropos of nothing
    ‘Viva Laughlin’ Canceled Already!We’re not surprised!
  2. ranters and ravers
    Which Critic Can Say the Meanest Thing About ‘Viva Laughlin’?Can anyone beat Alessandra Stanley’s gold standard?
  3. countdown
    Fall-TV Deathwatch: Why Have No Shows Been Canceled?The crappy ratings are in, and this much is clear: America’s televisions are being used exclusively for Halo 3 right now.
  4. countdown
    Fall TV Deathwatch: ‘Cavemen’ Almost Extinct, ‘Journeyman’ Gets a ReprievePlus, Carpoolers and Moonlight get added to the Deathwatch.
  5. the early-evening news
    Wes Anderson Wary of Working With Actors Not Named Bill MurrayPlus: Surprise! They’re making a sequel to Transformers!
  6. countdown
    Vulture Kicks Off the Fall-TV DeathwatchWhich shows will get canceled? Cavemen, obviously, but we thought of four more!