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  1. extremely online
    David Dobrik Thinks People Have ‘a Reason’ to Call Him a Sociopath, Is Hiring HR“And, yeah, I think now people have more of a reason to be like, ‘Oh, they weren’t kidding about the sociopath stuff.’”
  2. extremely online
    David Dobrik Ignores Vlog Squad Controversies in YouTube ComebackNo lessons learned, just vibes.
  3. snl
    Kyle Mooney Is a YouTuber Who Is Very Sorry on SNL“Some of my past videos could be considered problematic, and/or crimes.”
  4. apologies
    David Dobrik Says He ‘Doesn’t Stand for Any Misconduct’ in New StatementTrisha Paytas has responded in a new video titled, “David turned off comments but I am not …”