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Vmas 2013

  1. nostalgia
    Relive the Past Three Decades Through These MTV VMA PhotosReminisce with us.
  2. complaint box
    Here Are the Miley Complaints Sent to the FCCPlus, some suggestions for rectifying her evil.
  3. it's miley!
    Miley Cyrus ‘Didn’t Even Think About’ Her VMAs Performance“You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it.”
  4. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Macklemore Addressed Those Gay Internet RumorsHe knows the first Google result for “Macklemore is” is “Macklemore is gay.”
  5. vmas 2013
    Miley and Minstrelsy: Jody Rosen Responds to His CriticsOn Tuesday afternoon, our music critic took to Twitter.
  6. critical mass
    Critics Roundup: What Everyone Said About Miley Cyrus’s VMA PerformanceSo many opinions.
  7. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: The Worst Miley Cyrus at the VMAs JokesRestless tongue syndrome might’ve claimed Miley.
  8. party chat
    Macklemore’s Mary Lambert Isn’t Offended by the ‘Blurred Lines’ Video“It’s okay to just sort of let all political correctness go.”
  9. The Best Frozen Moments From the 2013 VMAsTaylor Swift had fun. Rihanna did not. Will Smith was a dad.
  10. vmas 2013
    Video: Taylor Swift, Dancing Machine — 2013 VMAs EditionTaylor couldn’t help but awkwardly groove for the camera last night.
  11. vmas 2013
    Rosen: The 2013 VMAs Were Dominated by Miley’s Minstrel ShowThe shock that Cyrus was peddling wasn’t sex. It was all about race.
  12. the wrap-up
    The Highs and Lows of the 2013 MTV Video Music AwardsFrom Justin Timberlake to Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus.
  13. winners and losers
    VMAs 2013: Your Complete List Of WinnersA lot of Moonmen are heading to after parties in Brooklyn right now.
  14. vmas 2013
    A GIF Recap of the 2013 MTV Video Music AwardsCue Miley’s tongue.
  15. vmas 2013
    Watch Miley Cyrus Give the VMA’s Weirdest, Most Tongue-Filled PerformanceTongue and teddies.
  16. photos
    See All the 2013 MTV VMA Red Carpet LooksFrom Katy Perry’s grill to Richard Simmons’s sneakers.
  17. exciting things
    What Can We Expect From Brooklyn’s First MTV VMAs?History in the making.
  18. reunions
    It Looks Like ‘N Sync Might Perform at the MTV VMAs After AllThey made a Twitter account.
  19. seating charts
    VMAs Update: Gaga and Katy Are Seat NeighborsThe Barclays Center Twitter claims they’re sitting next to each other.
  20. vmas 2013
    Drake Will Also Be Performing at the VMAsHe started from the bottom, now he’s at Barclays.
  21. non-reunions
    Lance Bass Addressed Those ’N Sync Reunion RumorsHe vaguely implies that it’s not happening.
  22. vmas 2013
    The VMAs Now Have a Closing Act TooSurprise! It’s Katy Perry.
  23. reunions
    ’N Sync Will Reunite at the MTV VMAs [UPDATE]Yes, even Chris Kirkpatrick (the one with the hair) was invited.