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  1. the industry
    What Black Voice Actors Want Hollywood to Do Next“The real question, as it relates to Black voice actors versus white voice actors, is who gets hired.”
  2. last night on late night
    Kristen Bell Thought It Was Cool to Voice a Biracial Character ‘At the Time’“I’ll be involved in the show with other characters.”
  3. animation
    Family Guy Star Mike Henry Will No Longer Voice Cleveland Brown“I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color.”
  4. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle to Join Disney Family With Charity Voiceover DealNo, she’s not voicing a Disney princess, but we can dream.
  5. getting into character
    Lupita Nyong’o’s Us Voice Was Inspired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.There will never be another Camelot … not another Camelot!
  6. voice acting
    Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Voice Is Somehow Based on Bugs BunnyWhat’s up, Tom?
  7. late-breaking stewie-related news
    Hear Stewie’s ‘Real’ Voice in New Family Guy EpisodeSir Ian McKellen guests as a child psychologist, and they really get into it.
  8. The Bob’s Burgers Cast Improvises a Mini-Episode About the Birds and the BeesIt’s about time the Belcher family finally had “the talk.”
  9. Carl Weathers: Voice Acting Is Great Because You Can Show Up Commando“Nobody cares, they just hear a voice.”
  10. Voice Actor Rob Paulsen Performs Some of His Famous Voices“I make my living doing essentially what got me in trouble in seventh grade.”
  11. hot doggin
    Robert Pattinson Does a Bonkers Gollum Voice in His Short Film for GQIt’s all in pursuit of a hot dog.
  12. voice acting
    Why Are Will Arnett’s Voice Roles So Much Better Than His New Live-Action Ones?In Lego Batman and BoJack Horseman, he’s able to show a depth that his live-action roles haven’t been able to match.
  13. voice acting
    Some Very Funny People Are Lending Their Voices to The Lego Ninjago MovieIt’s a Lego world, we’re all just living in it.
  14. Check Out Peter Serafinowicz’s Hilarious Yet Terrifying Trump Dub VideosPeter Serafinowicz is a very funny man with a very powerful voice, and for the past five months he’s been putting those talents to work in a […]
  15. the industry
    Bradley Cooper to Voice a DogWoof.
  16. jobs that are cushier than ours
    Jason Isaacs Brought Mini Golf to the Star Wars Rebels SetIsaacs voices the villainous Inquisitor in the animated series.
  17. the sincerest form of flattery
    Bob’s Burgers and Archer Casts Re-Create MoviesBob and Linda as Jack and Rose!
  18. voice acting
    Watch Christian Bale Explain His Super-Weird Batman VoiceHe also talks about Batkid, because he loves Batkid.
  19. voice acting
    Lots of A-Listers You Love Will Voice The Little Prince MovieIncluding James Franco, Jeff Bridges, and Marion Cotillard.
  20. voice acting
    Kung Fu Panda 3 Enlists Bryan Cranston, Rebel WilsonYour kid loves them, right?
  21. Sufferin’ Succotash! Looney Tunes Voice Actor Joe Alaskey On Bugs Bunny, […]Bugs Bunny. Daffy Duck. Yosemite Sam. Marvin the Martian. These animated icons would have been silenced years ago if not for Joe Alaskey, the […]
  22. Jon Benjamin Demonstrates How to Be a Professional Voice Actor Voice actor extraordinaire Jon Benjamin has been one of the most prominent talents in his field for years now, voicing major characters on […]