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  1. What the 19 Movies to Ever Receive an ‘F’ CinemaScore Have in CommonMother! joins a small, motley group of auteurist misses and obvious clunkers.
  2. MoviePass Is Attempting to Disrupt Hollywood — Will it Succeed?MoviePass is counting on the idea that exhibitors, faced with fleeing audiences and a seemingly flawed business model, are panicking.
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    Kaley Cuoco Gets Iced by Olaf the Snowman (Josh Gad) on Lip Sync BattleSorry, Penny.
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    What Squad? Kevin Hart Should Have Beat Olivia Munn on Lip Sync BattleAudience, you’re asleep at the wheel.
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    Lip Sync Battle: Terry Crews vs. Mike TysonTerry Crews is a demigod.
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    Could Anna Kendrick’s ‘Booty’ Beat Krasinski?Sometimes you’re just a man in a dress.
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    Was Emily Blunt’s ‘No Diggity’ Enough to Beat Anne Hathaway’s ‘Wrecking Ball’?The regular person versus the theater kid.
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    Emmy Analysis: Despite Netflix’s Breakthrough, Voters Are Still StarstruckWhat’s in a name? An Emmy nomination, most likely.