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    When Did Audiences Stop Taking ‘Middlebrow’ Television Seriously?It’s still really good!
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    The Watcher in the Woods Is a Generation’s Halloween NightmareScary Bette Davis.
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    Twin Peaks Has Cast a Shadow Over All My BooksThe author of The Fever on how David Lynch’s TV masterwork burrowed its way into her life.
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    Why Seth Rogen Is More Serious Than Woody AllenCultural essays about the death of adulthood are often Trojan horses for a different complaint: the death of seriousness.
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    Silicon Valley: So Much Money, So Much DespairThe new guys feel so much like the old ones.
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    A Guided Tour of Beck: Making Sense of His CanonWhich Beck is the best Beck?
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    That One Time I Saw Clerks With My DadIn related news: Kevin Smith’s vulgar, talky debut turns twenty today.
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    Dave Eggers Deserves a ‘Smile’ for The CircleThe author is getting more “frowns” than “smiles” for his depiction of “the world’s most powerful Internet company.”
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    How Project Runway Is Getting Deafness RightContestant Justin LeBlanc has been fantastic.
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    Warren Ellis on Breaking Bad and the Horrible Glory of HeisenbergThere’s a reason “Walter White lived here” isn’t scrawled on the wall of his house.
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    Robert King Remembers Breaking Bad’s Laughs“It’s a funny show.”
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    Krysten Ritter on Breaking Bad: Team Walter White Until the Bitter End“Aaron, I love you, but you can’t hit me this hard!”
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    Damon Lindelof on Breaking Bad: How Heisenberg Is Like BatmanHow is Walter White like Bruce Wayne? The co-creator of Lost explains in this Vulture essay.
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    How Fox News, Terrorists, and Truthiness Ruined The X-Files for MeWith the twentieth anniversary of The X-Files upon us, a former true believer describes how she became a skeptic of the groundbreaking Fox series.
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    The Holden Caulfield Effect: Perspective’s a Hell of a ThingIt’s not just the characters who come of age.
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    Blood in Your Eye: Why We Need Violent StoriesThe outspoken author of the graphic novels Transmetropolitan and Red explains that violent stories help us understand real-world horrors.
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    Seth Cohen Is My Spirit AnimalEverything I learned about being awkward and cool, I learned from The O.C.’s most enduring character.
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    MTV’s Rock the Cradle and Why I Decided to Enter the Family BusinessIn this Vulture Essay, the novelist daughter of horror writer Peter Straub reflects on MTV’s Rock the Cradle and what it’s like to follow in the footsteps of a successful parent.
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    The Bridge and the End of Asperger’s on TVIn the wake of Asperger’s being phased out in the psychological community, the best-selling author of Look Me in the Eye finds some comfort in the instantly anachronistic protagonist of FX’s The Bridge.