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    Let’s Fact-check The MegThe dream matchup between Jason Statham and a megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived, takes certain liberties when it comes to science.
  2. What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in The Death of Stalin?Just how ironic were Stalin’s final hours? Did the whole orchestra brouhaha really happen?
  3. vulture fact-check
    Weapons Experts Fact-Check Game of ThronesWhat did Joffrey’s crossbow say about him, anyway?
  4. fact-check
    Ask a Philosopher: What’s Up With True Detective’s Rust Cohle?“He is drawn to the extreme fringes of philosophical speculation.”
  5. vulture fact-check
    Ask a Community College Dean: How Accurate Is Community?Matt Reed is a real community college dean, but he doesn’t play one on TV.
  6. out of the blind
    An Astronaut Fact-checks GravityJet packs, space nausea (what happens if you vomit in your suit?), and the unlikelihood of being able to dodge space debris.
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    Breaking Bad: Could Badger’s Star Trek Ep HappenWe ask the Star Trek brand’s resident fact-checker.
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    A Biophysicist Assesses World War ZVulture asked a card-carrying scientist to watch the Brad Pitt blockbuster and report back on whether it holds up under a microscope.