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Vulture Festival 2015

  1. Watch Tig Notaro Talk Clowns in Her Vulture Q&AOther topics, too. Not just clowns.
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    Odd Mom Out at Vulture FestivalCreator and star Jill Kargman discusses.
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    Vulture Festival’s Screenwriter Roundtable“I do think about the audience, but as an abstract concept.”
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    Vulture Festival’s Big Comedy NightSit down for some stand-up.
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    Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes at Vulture FestivalThey discuss parenting, Courtney Love, and how Mad Max is like a good then bad blow job.
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    Watch the Difficult People Vulture Fest Panel“We end up looking like assholes in most episodes.”
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    It’s Mad Men, If Lois Griffin Played Don DraperOr, rather, if she played Dick Whitman.
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    House of Cards Creator Beau Willimon Explains Season 3’s Underwood StrifeHe just couldn’t let season three be happy.
  9. Pixar Producers Explain Inside Out’s Cry Factor Inside info from the Vulture Festival.
  10. Lisa Kudrow Talks Reality TV and Friends ReunionLisa Kudrow dropped by the 2015 Vulture Festival to discuss Romy & Michelle, reality TV and Hollywood in The Comeback, and the prospect of a Friends reunion.
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    The Overnight Crew Talks Swingers and In-LawsThe Overnight writer-director Patrick Brice and star Jason Schwartzman talk penis prosthetics, NC-17 ratings, and in-laws at the second annual Vulture Festival.
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    See Backstage Polaroids From Vulture FestivalEveryone say “Vulture!”
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    Jerry Seinfeld Joined Vulture Festival for a Hilarious, Hour-Long ConversationHe talks Seinfeld, the internet, stand-up, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
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    Fault in Our Stars Author John Green on Writing: ‘It Ain’t Coal Mining’The Paper Towns and Fault in Our Stars author joined Vulture’s Margaret Lyons to discuss writing, never making plans, and how America is like a teenager.
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    Beau Willimon Wants Hillary in 2016“I’m a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, and I think she would make a great president.”
  16. Julie Klausner, Billy Eichner, and Amy Poehler Had a Love-In at Vulture Fest“It’s really taken the support of people with vision and balls and good taste, like Amy Poehler, to get behind people like us.”
  17. Lisa Kudrow Saw the Future of Reality TV All the Way Back in 2005“I really was thinking, Some people actually won’t survive this. And then, sure enough … “
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    Taylor Swift Taught Tavi Gevinson to Accept Her Lack of Work-Life BalanceDon’t burn it down — redecorate.
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    Amelia Bedelia Is One of Tig Notaro’s Biggest Comedic Influences“It’s dynamite.”
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    Jerry Seinfeld Can Take a Seinfeld Finale JokeYou can’t hurt his feelings — he has none.
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    Mindy Kaling Gave Pixar’s Inside Out Its Bittersweet Slogan“We pitched her the story, and we turn around and she’s crying.”
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    Gender Hasn’t Slowed Karen McCullah in Hollywood“I don’t want to write Transformers. I don’t want to see Transformers.”
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    John Green on What He Would Change About His Novels If He Had the Chance“I like The Fault in Our Stars, but I think I like the ending of the movie better than the ending of the book.”
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    Watch Linda Belcher Do Fifty Shades of Grey“What are butt plugs?”
  25. Michael Showalter on Why Filmmakers Have to Take Care of Their Audiences“Movies don’t exist unless there’s someone there to watch them.”
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    Snap Up These Tickets for the Vulture Festival! Lisa Kudrow is waiting for you.
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    Watch Our Jerry Seinfeld Q&A on PeriscopeLive on Saturday!