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Vulture Festival 2021

  1. A Send-Off for Search PartyThe cast and creators reflect on the final season of their ode to millennial anxiety.
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    Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji Reflect on 5 Years of Issa and MollyA wine down with Insecure’s OTP.
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    Red Rocket Wants to Take You for a RideDirector Sean Baker and Simon Rex unpack the queasy charms of fast-talking narcissists and why they bet big on ’N Sync.
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    It’s the Most Wonderful Seth Rogen Interview of the YearThe multi-high-phenate talks pot, pots, and the Santa lie.
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    Bosch the Man Meets Bosch the Dog Thanks to Hollywood HandbookAlso thanks to, ahem, Vulture Festival.
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    Going Back to the ’90s With the 9 Women of YellowjacketsThe stars of Showtime’s new time-hopping disaster drama discuss faking a plane crash, line-reading orgasms, and the enneagram.
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    KY Jelly and Lard Ice Cream: Getting Intimate With the Cast of The GreatElle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult dissect all the gory details of the farcical costume dramedy’s second season.
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    The Faces of Vulture Festival 2021We welcomed Issa Rae, Henry Winkler, John Cho, and dozens of other stars (plus one good dog) to our photo studio.
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    Cowboy Bebop (Finally) Takes FlightEight months of delays, two corgis, and one freak injury: the show’s stars on the long road to remaking an anime classic.
  10. a long talk
    ‘Should I Call You Daddy?’How C’mon C’mon director Mike Mills convinced Joaquin Phoenix to father his movie son.
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    Keeping Up With the Solomons: A 3rd Rock From the Sun ReunionGetting John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kristen Johnson, and French Stewart — plus special guests — together for the first time in 20 years.
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    The Cast of Queen Sugar Closes the Book on Season Six“A lot of the flowers we see in season six,” says Nicholas L. Ashe, “were planted as seeds in season one.”
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    Jeff Goldblum Is on the Brink of Doing His Best WorkIn a conversation with Carrie Brownstein, the actor opens up in his own strange way.
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    Mira Sorvino Once Had a Sex Scene With Her Cousin“He’s a very nice guy. A handsome guy.”
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    Wayne Knight Crashed the 3rd Rock From the Sun Reunion, As He ShouldAnd a few more important people popped up at the 25th anniversary reunion.
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    Niecy Nash Is Good at Sex … ScenesAnd Sherri Shepherd is her biggest fan.
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    Kofi Siriboe Has Nothing But Facts About Blackness in Hollywood“The experience of being Black is a whole ocean of representation that hasn’t been discovered yet.”
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    Seth Rogen Would Love to Tell Your Kids Santa’s Not RealHe particularly enjoyed bursting this bubble of childhood innocence for one of his Freaks and Geeks co-stars.
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    Abe and Rose Deign to Eat TV Dinners in This Mrs. Maisel First LookAlso, Rachel Brosnahan looking like a Renoir painting!
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    Meredith Marks Saw One Episode of Every Real Housewives Before Joining RHOSLCBut she thinks it made her more engaged in her debut season.
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    What If Spencer Were a Comedy?That’s not the film Pablo Larraín made, but it’s one he’d like to see.
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    Hollywood Handbook Has Some Notes on the Bosch Spinoff TitleBosch: Legacy? Sounds too downbeat!
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    The Many, Many Highlights of Vulture Festival 2021Yes, that’s JoJo Siwa and Henry Winkler taking a selfie.
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    Melanie Lynskey Got a Special ‘Line Reading’ of Her Yellowjackets Orgasm“It was very embarrassing to film.”
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    Search Party Knows We Live in Hell“Everyone feels like shit all the time right now, and Search Party has the teeth to acknowledge that.”
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    Nicholas Hoult Ate Lard Ice Cream for The Great Season TwoAnd Elle Fanning sucked on rusty nails too.
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    If an Insecure Movie Ever Happens, Just Know Issa Rae Is ‘Down Bad’Barring financial ruin, we won’t get #FiveSeasonsAndAMovie.
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    Red Rocket Had to Seek the Approval of Every ’N Sync Member to Use ‘Bye Bye Bye’“So Justin has seen part of this movie.”
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    John Cho Was Afraid He’d Be ‘Too Sexy’ As Cowboy Bebop’s SpikeCho also says he felt pressure bringing the iconic character to life.
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    Jeff Goldblum, Uh, Opened Himself to LegosIn season two of The World According to Jeff Goldblum he goes to Legoland but does not take his Lego-obsessed kids.
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    Woody Norman Knows He Out-Acted Joaquin Phoenix in C’mon C’monAnd Phoenix agrees.
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    JoJo Siwa Gives Jenna Johnson a Gucci Present Every Week on DWTS“Salamis to the face.”
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    Henry Winkler Calls Barry Season 3 the Most Dramatic Moment of His CareerWinkler reveals Barry will be back in March 2022.
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    Dancing With the Stars Finalists, Sherri Shepherd Join Vulture FestivalCome dance with the stars this weekend in Los Angeles.
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    Jeff Goldblum, Queen Sugar, The Price Is Right Join Vulture FestivalPlus, a film school with Pablo Larraín and much, much more.
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    3rd Rock From the Sun and Cowboy Bebop Are Coming to Vulture FestivalDancing With the Stars, Bosch with Hollywood Handbook, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, and much, much more just got added to our lineup!
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    We’re Really Doing It: Here’s Your First Look at Vulture Festival’s LineupInsecure, Henry Winkler, Niecy Nash, The Great, Mira Sorvino, and, of course, Meredith and Brooks Marks are all joining us in person.
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    Vulture Festival Is Ready to Hang Out in Person This FallCan we hug you??