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    How to Watch Basic Instinct With Your Significant OtherLet a whodunnit lead to a whoisdoingit. (You are.)
  2. vulture movie club
    The Time Has Come to Appreciate John Carter As the Goofy Throwback Epic It IsThe colossal bomb that lost Disney $200 million now seems far from the creative disaster it was dismissed as back in 2012.
  3. vulture movie club
    The Reality-Breaking Joy of Speed Racer’s Final RaceOn the glorious abstraction of Speed Racer’s CGI climax, a sequence that plays boldly with the very idea of filmed spectacle.
  4. vulture movie club
    Twilight’s Final Vampire Battle Is Better Than Anything Marvel Has Ever DoneSlay, TCU (Twilight Cinematic Universe)!
  5. vulture movie club
    Miami Vice’s Journey From Misfire to MasterpieceMichael Mann’s 2006 Miami Vice film wasn’t supposed to be anything like this.