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Vulture On Set

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    The Anti-Prestige ShowrunnerOn set with Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman, who makes great TV by ignoring all the trends.
  2. Behind the Scenes of Better Call Saul’s ‘Top Secret’ Finale“[Bob] has literally been eating real Doritos all afternoon, in every take.”
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    You Can’t Go Home Again: On Set in Taiwan With Fresh Off the BoatIn the season-three premiere, the Huangs encounter a classic immigrant dilemma: the identity crisis.
  4. You Can’t Go Home Again: On Set in Taiwan With Fresh Off the BoatIn the season-three premiere, the Huangs encounter a classic immigrant dilemma: the identity crisis.
  5. On The Knick Set With Steven Soderbergh, Binge DirectorHe can make a whole season almost as fast as you can watch it.
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    24 Things We Learned on the Set of Parks and RecreationWho doesn’t know the 1997 classic “My Baby Daddy”?
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    Photos: On the Set of Squirrels to the NutsWilson didn’t draw much attention from the dozens of paparazzi there to shoot Aniston.
  8. What Gay Boy Wouldn’t Want Megan Mullally As His Mom?We’re on the set of her new movie, G.B.F.
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    See Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor on the Set of Liz & DickWhere there is Lohan dressed as Taylor, there, too, is Vulture, obsessing over the photos.
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    Vulture Patrols the Streets With the Fake Cops of NYC 22“It’s cops and robbers,” says Terry Kinney, who stars in the show. “We’re playing cops and robbers.”
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    Let the Happy Endings Cast Serenade You With the Full House Theme SongHappy Endings returns tonight!
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    Party Lines Slideshow: Glenn Close and More at a Screening of Albert NobbsWho thinks they could pass for the opposite sex?
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    See Shots of an Adrenaline-Cranked Sequence From the Spider-Man RebootYou’re gonna want to sit down, because even without moving pictures, things get crazy in these on-set photos.
  14. Watch the Community Cast Engage in a Hilarious Pop-Culture BattleJoel McHale & Co. battle each other to prove their entertainment savvy.
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    Happy Endings Confessions Part Two: The Naked, Grabby Cast PartiesLife of the party, these kids are.
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    Watch the Happy Endings Cast Discuss Bad Pickup Lines, Sex in Bathrooms, and Drunk KaraokeThe gang tells all.
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    Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton Duke It Out on the Set of The Great GatsbyThings get dirty.
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    Has 30 Rock Got Occupy Wall Street Fever?Denise Richards joins Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey in protest on the set of ‘30 Rock.’
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    See Al Pacino As Phil Spector on the Set of HBO’s MovieCheck out all that hair!
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    See Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Penélope Cruz, and a Limber Woody Allen on the Set of Bop DecameronGreta Gerwig is also there, in awe of the ever-stretching Woody.
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    See Shirtless Tom Cruise on the Set of Mission: Impossible 4The cast was in Prague this week, and Vulture’s got photos.
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    Stalking Gossip Girl on SetPhilosophical question: If ‘Gossip Girl’ is off air, does it no longer exist? Our answer: hell no.
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    See Russell Brand in Undies on Arthur SetIt’s glorious.
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    See Shia LaBeouf Shooting Transformers 3But where are all the Transformers?
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    Photos of Gossip Girl in ParisChuck Bass swings a cane.
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    See Katie Holmes As Jackie OAlso, Greg Kinnear.
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    See Anna Faris and Chris Evans on the Set of What’s Your Number?There are cute dogs involved.
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    Kate Hudson on the Set of Something BorrowedThey’re playing badminton, mostly.
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    See Neil Patrick Harris Shooting The SmurfsBut where are the Smurfs?
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    See Kate Winslet Shooting Mildred PierceWinslet was in New York last week shooting her new HBO miniseries.
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    See Channing Tatum, Katie Holmes, and Suri Cruise Cavorting on the Set of Son of No OnePhotos from the New York set of ‘Son of No One.’
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    See Abbie Cornish and Bradley Cooper Running Dramatically on the Set of The Dark FieldsThis movie looks great!
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    Sandler and Aniston Shoot Just Go With ItBonus: a terrifying cameo.
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    See Julianne Moore on the 30 Rock SetWe’ve got photos.
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    The Jonas Brothers Go Looking for TreasureOn the set of their reality show, ‘Living the Dream.’
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    See Photos of Angelina Jolie On The Tourist SetSee her doing normal everyday things like having lunch with a camera.
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    Carrie Underwood and Dennis Quaid On SetUm, hang ten?
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    Pics: Beyonce’s New VideoThe R&B titans join forces in Brazil.
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    See Clint Eastwood Directing HereafterMatt Damon is there, too!
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    See Bruce Willis on the Set of His New Movie, RedHe plays a retired black-ops agent pulled back into action just one more time.
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    See Mischa Barton Playing a Prostitute on S.V.U.Really, what more do you need to know?
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    Pics: Tom Cruise Flies on Knight and Day SetDon’t you ever doubt that Cruise does his own stunts.
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    Pics: Christina Aguilera on the Set of BurlesqueSee photos from the set of Aguilera’s new movie, ‘Burlesque.’
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    Pics: Keanu Reeves Shooting Henry’s CrimeIt’s pretty glamorous.