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  1. vulture originals
    9 Posters That Prove Rogue One’s K-2SO Is a StarYou’ve see The Sopranos, but what about The K-2SOpranos?
  2. paper dolls
    Empire’s Cookie Lyon Paper Dolls — Print Them Out!Ask about her.
  3. quotables
    Play With Our Cookie Lyon Wisdom Generator — You’ll Learn Something“The name’s Cookie. Ask about me.”
  4. rip lil guy
    Play an 8-Bit-Style Parks and Recreation Flappy Li’l Sebastian Video-GameCatch the carrots and waffles. Stay away from the Sweetums. 
  5. If Empire Met Empire RecordsCookie’s our star, natch. 
  6. paper dolls
    Broad City Paper Dolls: Print Them Out!Bongs; bras; Bed, Bath & Beyond. 
  7. wisdom
    Get Inspired by Our Leslie Knope Wisdom Generator“You only get one chance to make a second impression.”
  8. you're welcome
    Bro, We Improved the Entourage Poster for YouYeah, ohhhhh yeah!
  9. vulture originals
    Which of These Scandal-Themed Candles Would You Buy?From Vermont Jam to Zanzibar Getaway.
  10. vulture originals
    7 Posters That Prove TARS Should Star in Every MovieFrom The Fault in Our TARS to IshTARS.
  11. vulture originals
    Make Your Own Sons of Anarchy Leather JacketAre you a (wo)man of mayhem?
  12. the voice
    Pharrell Williams: The Voice’s Most Zen and Wonderful JudgeA True Guru.
  13. vulture experiments
    The Great Friends Sims ExperimentWe ran six cruel experiments on the cast of Friends using The Sims 4.
  14. generators
    Gain True Insight From This Stevie Nicks Wisdom GeneratorYou see your gypsy.
  15. sequels
    What Might an All-Female Ghostbusters Look Like?We have some ideas.
  16. paper dolls
    Print Out Vulture’s Robyn Paper DollPlatforms? Check. Furry jacket? Check.
  17. vulture originals
    See Vulture’s Vintage American Horror Story: Freak Show PostersAlive! Believe it or not!
  18. vulture originals
    Print Out Vulture’s Mindy Project Paper DollsDiamond Dan thong included.
  19. vulture originals
    Snowpiercer’s Most Memorable Scenes, IllustratedIt’s practically fall, but we’re still taking the Kronole.
  20. i am groot
    Use Our 15-Button Groot Soundboard in Every Conversation You Have TodayYo soy Groot, etc.
  21. i am groot
    7 Posters That Prove Groot Should Star in Every MovieGroot Will Hunting.
  22. vulture originals
    What If the Rest of the Parks and Recreation Cast Got Buff?It doesn’t just have to be Chris Pratt, you know.
  23. vulture originals
    See the Entire Cast of Girls in Peter PanWith Elijah as Tick-Tock the Crocodile.
  24. vulture originals
    See When Harry Met Sally’s New York Magazine CoverYes, we made one.
  25. vulture originals
    Would You Like a Drake Cross-stitch? We can do better than Taylor Swift. 
  26. vulture originals
    Celebrate Today With Our Game of Thrones Father’s Day CardsDon’t miss an opportunity to tell the ones you love how you feel.
  27. vulture originals
    Play Vulture’s Game of Thrones ‘Guess Who?’“Does your person have prominent scarring?”
  28. vulture originals
    Remake This ’80s Comedy But With Game of Thrones CharactersHint: There were three men and a baby.
  29. vulture originals
    See Betty Draper’s ‘Got Milk?’ AdYes, we made her one.
  30. my punny valentine
    See Our Mad Men Valentine’s Day Card RecapsBecause in Mad Men world, yesterday was Valentine’s Day.
  31. yes that's chester the cheetah
    Two of Each Pop Culture Animal — See Vulture’s Noah’s ArkWhich animals would you save?
  32. hanksgiving
    How to Prepare Your Hanksgiving MealWe’ve designed a menu (with actual delicious recipes) for a Hanksgiving feast.