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    And Now for Something Completely Enjoyable, Courtesy of a Young Terry GilliamIt’ll remind viewers of the elaborately absurdist animated shorts Gilliam would create for ‘Monty Python’ starting the following year.
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    See Filmmaker Corneliu Porumboiu’s Gone With the WineThis 2002 short is from the director of the current art-house hit ‘Police, Adjective.’
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    See The Student Film That Kickstarted James Cameron’s CareerBehold, Xenogenesis!
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    See a Pair of Acclaimed Shorts From the Doha Tribeca Film FestSophia al-Maria’s ‘The Racer’ is an almost-experimental look at abandoned cars and abandoned people; Katherine Spry’s ‘Just Another Thursday Night’ is a goofy comedy.
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    Filmmaker Matt Cibelli’s New Short Film Sure to Please Crane Lovers, Foot FetishistsThe film juxtaposes (beautiful) footage of construction cranes with (enigmatic) audio of women talking about their shoes.
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    Filmmaker Jeremy Workman ‘Makes It Big’Workman’s short following the travails of a talented actress and her difficulties landing a decent movie role.
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    Don’t Make Jane Campion Turn This Car AroundA structurally playful and surreal look at what can only be described as a family road trip from hell.
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    Lucrecia Martel’s Rey Muerto: A Wild Bunch of Violence and ChickensIt’s a perfect introduction to Martel’s style, in the way it mixes kitchen-sink realism with a sense of mythic wonder.
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    Animator Emily Hubley Plays Volleyball in Her Living RoomIt’s a beautiful little experimental collage about a single woman’s morning workout, with music by Yo La Tengo.
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    See Neill Blomkamp’s Six-Minute Rough Draft of District 9’Alive in Joburg,’ made in 2005, details a future world in which aliens in Johannesburg are segregated in a way that recalls South Africa’s notorious apartheid regime.
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    See Wojciech Has’s Short Film About the Accordion That Got AwayHas’s ‘Harmonia’ is an old-school tearjerker about a poor young boy who wants an accordion.
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    Park Chan-wook Recounts a Worse-Than-Usual Day at the MorgueIt’s as if Jean-Paul Sartre and Rod Serling got together and hijacked a Roland Emmerich film.
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    See the Short Film That Won In the Loop’s Peter Capaldi an OscarSeriously, it will somehow both warm your heart and creep into your dreams.
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    In Soviet Russia, Nikita Mikhalkov’s Short Film Watches YouIt’s a modernist (and very Soviet) look at a young girl’s interaction with the world around her.
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    Girl Sold for Reasonable Price of One Bag of Millet, in Louise-Marie Colon’s LeilaIt’s a dark, evocative, little fable featuring a rough animation style and the voices of sixteen schoolchildren in Burkina Faso.
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    Filmmakers Bastian Caspar, Sebastian Natto, and Denis Trümbach Would Like to Take Your PictureIt actually starts off kind of creepily, with a man silently walking around and taking Polaroids of random bystanders, putting them into strange poses as he does so.
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    Filmmaker Bruce McDonald Clears Dance Floor by Process of EliminationMcDonald’s 1998 short ‘Elimination Dance’ starts off looking like a meet-cute romantic comedy and then turns into something infinitely weirder.
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    A Pair of Short Shorts From Filmmakers Ounouri Damien and Eckhard KruseThe Art by Chance Film Festival celebrates “ultra-short films” by presenting them to us in unexpected, nontheatrical venues.
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    Filmmaker Joel Plotch Pulls One OverThe story does end with a final twist of the knife, but it’s far subtler and more haunting than you might expect.
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    Filmmaker Ken Jacobs in Stereo(graph)In his ‘Capitalism: Slavery,’ the director takes a Victorian stenograph of cotton pickers and, essentially, animates it into cinema.
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    Sita Sings the Blues Filmmaker Nina Paley Plays Fetch!Nina Paley’s 2002 short ‘Fetch!’ was the first Flash-to-35mm short film, but for a seven-year-old technological watershed, it’s still pretty great.
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    Filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan Spins a Melancholy CocoonIt’s more abstract than his later films, but it’s still clearly his work, as evidenced by its evocative shots of nature, its glimpses at family life, and its lushly melancholy mood.
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    Filmmaker Brendon McQueen Springs Grandma From the HospitalThere have been many films made about Alzheimer’s, but few with the sensitivity and (yes) humor of Brendon McQueen’s beautifully shot and touching short film ‘Skip Rocks.’
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    Filmmakers Fabrizio Galvagno and Julia Haslett Check in With the East Village’s Pizza CzarWe’re big fans of Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village and its irascible, tattoo-covered owner Anthony Mangieri, so we were more than a little excited to come across this short.
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    Filmmaker Scott Rice Sheds Light on Perils in Nude ModelingIt’s like an art film hijacked by Michael Bay, but in the best way possible.
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    Filmmaker Brian Pew Would Like to Get Your Opinion on This Toilet Paper’Focus Group’ takes us into the impossibly dry and claustrophobic world of consumer focus groups.
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    Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne Punches Your Stub’Validation,’ is a romantic epic in miniature.
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    See Duke Ellington’s Movie DebutAs such, it’s a part of both cinema and music history, even though, as a film, it’s basically an excuse to showcase Ellington’s musicianship.
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    Filmmaker Cruz Angeles Makes Uncomfortable ArtOne of our favorite films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was Cruz Angeles’s beautiful debut feature. So we decided to delve into his back catalogue.
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    Filmmaker Eran Merav Learns Important Lesson About DogsIn Eran Merav’s short, ‘Nati,’ a young ice-cream seller gets duped into an unbelievable act of cruelty by some of his yahoo friends.
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    Silent Light Director Carlos Reygadas Goes to the Beach, Works Through Mommy IssuesReygadas’s 1999 short film ‘Maxhumain’ is a tiny, experimental, mixed-media dream about a young man’s existential portent amid memories of his mother
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    Filmmaker Dale Goodson Gets GasHey, remember those skyrocketing fuel prices earlier this year? Boy, was that a silly time — and so long ago, too.
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    Filmmaker Barry Jenkins Explores Love in a Time of CloroxJenkins’s 2003 short ‘My Josephine’ is a lovely, impressionistic look at an Arab man and woman who work in a laundromat.
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    Filmmaker Antonio Campos Spoils His DinnerLet’s see … where to start with this one?
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    Filmmaker Michael Dudok de Wit Tears a Family ApartYou might need a Kleenex.
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    Filmmaker Ilya Chaiken Blacks OutShot on a dime, ‘Blackout’ is a funny, genuinely unsettling look at an unfortunate hookup in the midst of the big power outage of 2003.
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    Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne Laments the Plight of the Bathroom Attendant’Rent-A-Person’ is a hilarious musical pastiche about a young, lovesick men’s-room attendant who decides to become a visionary entrepreneur.
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    ‘Splinter’ Director Toby Wilkins Goes Kidney ShoppingSee Wilkins’s creepily hilarious 2006 short ‘Kidney Thieves,’ starring Ethan Embry, Paget Brewster, and Paul F. Tompkins.
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    Filmmaker Branan Edgens Would Like to Sell You David Lynch’s Coffee’The Darkest Coffee’ functions less as a commercial and more as a four-minute creepfest about the experience of consuming said hot beverage.
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    Filmmaker Myna Joseph Follows Creepy Sisters Into the WoodsFair warning: ‘Man’ is not an easy film to watch.
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    Filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund Makes a Music Video Without the Music’The Hidden’ features no soundtrack — but it’s easy to see from it what makes Akerlund such a great music-video director.
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    Filmmaker Andrew Cooke Laments the Plight of the Fake YogiAndrew Cooke’s hilarious mockumentary follows a yogi who might be longing a bit too hard for the trappings of modern life.
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    Filmmaker David Bond Flunks Art Class’Lions Are Green’ is about a young colorblind boy who draws a green lion in class and gets called out for it.
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    Filmmakers Nathan and Keary Kensinger Open a Secret Commie BookstoreIt’s the best film about a secret commie San Francisco bookstore you’ll ever see.
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    Filmmaker Kentucker Audley Says There’s Gonna Be No DancingAudley’s short is an intense, despairing look at obsession and the twisted nature of attraction.
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    Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane, Says Filmmaker Paola MendozaMendoza visits her Colombian grandmother as she deals with the wreckage of her Mississippi home following Katrina.
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    Fight Back Against High Gas Prices by Watching a Short Film About a BikeAre there any other human-powered vehicles that get their own film festival?
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    Filmmaker Azazel Jacobs Loses a WheelIt’s wordless, it’s simple, it’s three minutes long, and we can’t stop watching the damn thing.
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    ‘The Vampire’: Some Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This PictureThe cuddliest guinea pig ever takes one for the team in order to demonstrate a vampire bat’s deadly capabilities.
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    Filmmaker Stephen Kellam Mourns Old Penn Station, War VictimsKellam’s ‘Forever Yours’ is a short and hauntingly simple tale of love and loss during wartime, set in the old Penn Station (utilizing computer graphics to re-create it).
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