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    See David Gordon Green’s Early Short Film ‘Physical Pinball’ Before Getting Baked at ‘Pineapple Express’Before he directed ‘George Washington,’ David Gordon Green created this short film about a tomboy and her father.
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    Animator Fujio Tanabe Makes the Darkest-Ever Short Film About Home Refrigeration’Fridges’ begins as a touching little film about an abandoned refrigerator trying to get by in the world, but turns into something way more disturbing.
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    Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe in ‘Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe’Um, we don’t really know what else to say here. He eats his damn shoe.
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    Filmmaker David Munro Makes a Darker ‘Coneheads’In ‘Bullethead,’ a boy is surgically altered to become “the world’s most aerodynamic human.”
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    Filmmaker Ari Gold Makes ‘Frogger: The Movie’Yes — his name is Ari Gold, and the ‘Entourage’ folks evidently “borrowed” his name for the show’s loathsome-lovable agent.
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    ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster*’ Director Christopher Bell Somehow Makes Smoking Look UncoolBell’s ‘Billy Jones’ tackles the issue of cigarette marketing on a young boy, giving a portrait of an America dominated by superhero images pre-sold to impressionable minds.
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    Filmmaking Collective Meerkat Media Makes a Better Bee Movie’Every Third Bite’ tackles a topic we’ve heard a lot about in recent months but still find a bit hard to understand: colony collapse disorder (CCD).
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    Filmmaker Ilya Chaiken’s One-Night Stand’The 100 Lovers of Jesus Reynolds’ is a funny little meditation on an East Village girl’s many, many love affairs.
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    Filmmaker Luke Matheny Turns ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ on Its EarThe style is reminiscent of Wes Anderson, with a hint of David Lynch thrown in, but it’s also quite romantic.
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    Filmmaker Jared Larson’s Dad Thinks You Should Get Out MoreIt’s like the family slideshow we wish we could’ve had.
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    Filmmaker Nina Paley Urges a Moratorium on Baby-MakingA funny look at the perils of population explosion, 2002’s ‘The Stork’ is an animated mix between ‘9 Months’ and ‘Apocalypse Now.’
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    Filmmaker Kihachiro Kawamoto Makes Puppetry Even More TerrifyingBased on a twelfth-century Japanese legend, the aptly titled ‘The Demon’ is about two brothers who go hunting in the woods and run into a demon.
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    Animator Signe Bauman Explores Love in a Time of Crocodile PenisesLove Story begins as a simple tale of love gone wrong, then takes a deeply unsettling detour into … well, let’s just say there’s a giant crocodile dick involved.
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    Filmmaker Ry Russo-Young Does the Work of Three Gus Van SantsIn Russo-Young’s Marion, three different actresses play the part of Marion Crane from Psycho.
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    French Animators Reveal the Dangers of Office-Based Paper EngineeringA charming short about the kind of Walter Mitty everyone has in their office.
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    Filmmaker Annie Waldman Checks In On Katrina’s Teenage VictimsAnnie Waldman’s compact, moving documentary about high schoolers living on their own in the wake of Hurricane Katrina isn’t your standard social-issue documentary.
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    Filmmaker Cindy Stillwell Gets Up Close and Personal With Tractors, SheepA Season on the Move should ideally be seen on the biggest screen possible. But watch it on your laptop anyway!
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    Kyle McNally’s ‘Mourning After’: Picture-in-Picture Finally Goes LegitMcNally’s lyrical and meditative film is equal parts melodrama and art installation.
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    See ‘The Signal’ Director Dan Bush’s Beatles-Inspired Short FilmDan Bush’s virtually dialogue-free cinematic poem meditates on fathers and sons, the despair of a life unfulfilled, and also the strange subliminal connections people make with one another.
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    Filmmaker Levi Abrino Gets Shot Through the Heart (and Out of a Cannon)As far as we can tell, there have been very few, if any, movies made about the romantic troubles of human cannonballs — and that’s reason enough to see Levi Abrino’s haunting and lyrical Lonely Bliss of the Cannonball Luke.
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    Filmmaker Ann Coppel Helps Us Find Her Inner SelfAnn Coppel’s short and sweet mock-doc manages to be both a tribute to and a skewering of the idea of getting in touch with your inner self.
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    Filmmaker Sky Hirschkron’s Three-Way Phone CallDon’t be put off initially by the austere, quiet nature of Sky Hirschkron’s You Called Me, an endearingly sad little film about a young Japanese man bouncing between two girls over the course of a day.
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    ‘Joe Swanberg’s Quiet City’: Mumblecore Auteurs Poke Fun at MumblecoreA six-minute companion piece to a new DIY classic.
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    Filmmaker Marlene Rhein Has Five Missed ConnectionsBy turns funny, absurd, passionate, and sad, Marlene Rhein’s Let Me Tell You a Story is one of the more touching evocations of a missed romantic connection that we’ve seen.
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    See the Short That Got Filmmaker Seith Mann a Job on ‘The Wire’Seith Mann’s intense, touching, and very well-made 2003 NYU short five deep breaths helped get both Mann a stint directing on the show and its lead, Jamie Hector, the chance to play young drug lord Marlo Stanfield.
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    Filmmaker Ray Tintori Reunites Father and Son, Blows Up EarthWe don’t quite know what to make of Ray Tintori’s Jettison Your Loved Ones — a deranged, no-budget sci-fi epic about perpetual motion and families — other than to say that it’s some of the most hypnotic and strange six minutes you’ll ever spend staring at a computer screen.
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    Stop-Motion Animation Explained by Doomed Lego GuyWe were shocked recently to discover that a couple of our readers didn’t quite understand just how stop-motion animation worked. So, we unearthed this little gem, which was created last year by Canadian high schooler Joel Plosz for a science-fair project.
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    Filmmaker Benh Zeitlin’s Beautiful, Disgusting JourneyFirst, a word of fair warning: This week’s film features gruesome beheadings, rotting corpses, mouse-eating, a pile of shit, and a human uvula used as an action-movie prop.
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    Filmmaker Faisal Qureshi’s Torturous Job InterviewBritish director Faisal Qureshi’s five-minute short The Applicant starts off as an unsettling look at an awkward job application, but before fade-out it turns into something else — something way more disturbing.
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    Filmmaker Amy Talkington’s Human-Snake Love TriangleIn Amy Talkington’s touching and playful 1998 short Second Skin a mopey pet-store employee (Glenn Fitzgerald, currently Brian Darling on Dirty Sexy Money) doesn’t quite know what to do when a lovely, rebellious girl (Aleksa Palladino, who can also be seen in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead) comes into his shop and purchases the python he’s been doting over.
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    Filmmakers Michael and Martin Vrede Nielsen Create Terror in Record TimeFor whatever reason, horror isn’t a common genre in short films, possibly because creating tension and terror often requires too much setup to make it viable for abbreviated running lengths. Repugnant, Michael and Martin Vrede Nielsen’s no-nonsense exercise in tingling our collective spines, is an interesting exception.
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    Film Editor Branan Edgens Triumphs Over Crappy FootageHe spent years trying to make sense out of this chaos and, when that failed, completely reinventing the film.
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    Filmmaker Chris Vincze Shoots Backward in ‘Evol’Shooting backward is one of the oldest tricks in the book (at least as old as Top Secret!), but in the right filmmaker’s hands, it can still work beautifully.
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    Exclusive Short Film: Charles Burnett’s ‘The Horse’A little-seen short film from the masterful director of Killer of Sheep.
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    Toy StoryWith its collagelike aesthetic, its deadpan lyrical voice-over, and its truly bizarre portrait of one unfortunately demented (yet ultimately harmless) soul, Erika Yeomans’s Chubby Buddy plays like a George Saunders story come to life.
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    Stereotypes on ParadePlanet of the Arabs is a hilarious, scathing, and rapid-fire montage of stereotypes of Arabs culled from popular movies and TV shows that plays like some budding neocon’s ADD-infused fever dream.
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    Coney Island, BabyIt’s an amazing, dreamy vision of Coney Island, all the more remarkable for the then-novel camera techniques required to capture it.
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    The Secret Life of Your Old Psych 101 T.A.The Guest Room, directed by Skander Halim, director of Pretty Persuasion.
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    Robot vs. MonkeyBurning Safari, by students of the Gobelins School of Image.
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    ‘Tommy the Kid’: An Aussie Western … on Bikes!Is the Western back? Maybe so, if this short film has anything to say about it.
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    Slack AddictsA hilariously deadpan flick about two Milwaukee roommates who can’t pay their rent or get much of anything done because they can’t stop competing with one another in a series of pointless contests.
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    We Don’t Care About the Young FolksWell, summer’s over, and the kids are going back to school. Thinking of this momentous time brought to mind Dear Lemon Lima, directed by Suzi Yoonessi, which screened earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival.
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    Kenneth Anger’s Early, Beautiful ‘Puce Moment’Today, we’re featuring one of Kenneth Anger’s earliest and most beautiful films. The footage was shot in 1949, but you’ll probably be shocked at how modern it feels.
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    Game OverHere, we reenter the beloved gorilla-baiting plumber’s life long after he’s rescued Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, Peach and Mario are living in a dump in Brooklyn, and Mario’s mushroom habit has become, well, a problem.
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    The Granddaddy of All Gangster MoviesD.W. Griffith makes film history.
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    David Wain’s ‘Aisle Six’ Exposes the Hidden World of High-School PlumbingImagine a treacly high-school docudrama about acceptance, cliques, and the secret shames of peer pressure. Now imagine it set in a world where all anyone cares about is plumbing.
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    Non–Van Gogh Makes Pomo Fun AgainI Am (Not) Van Gogh, a cross between public art and live-action animation, is a pretty spectacular way to spend four minutes.
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    ‘Everyone Loves a Parade — Except the Dead’When filmmaker and media artist Jem Cohen, director of Benjamin Smoke, shot footage of a rah-rah military parade in lower Manhattan sometime in the early nineties, it’s more than likely he didn’t quite know what he had.
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    Way Down in the Hole: Marc Lougee’s ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’Poe’s elliptical story has provided fodder for many elaborate feature-film retellings, but Lougee’s ruthlessly efficient take is short and to the point, packing in a whole lot of tension into seven slim minutes.
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    The Voyeur of VeniceRemember Peter Greenaway? No? Back in the eighties, he was heralded as the savior of international art-house cinema – dense in his themes, gloriously scatological in his plots, and possessing a keen sense of pictorial beauty.
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