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Vulture Precaps

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    True Blood Primer: Where Things Stand Heading Into Season 7A handy reminder of what Sookie, Eric, Bill, and all your Bon Temps pals were up to when we last saw them.
  2. vulture precaps
    Boardwalk Empire Primer: Where Things Stand Entering Season FourGet the deets on Nucky, Chalky, and the whole jolly gang.
  3. vulture precaps
    Where We Are As We Enter Season 8 of DexterOnly twelve episodes left, folks.
  4. vulture precaps
    Where We Are Entering Season 6 of True BloodIf you’ve been glamoured and can’t remember how Season 5 left off, read on.
  5. vulture precaps
    Vulture Precaps: Mad Men, Girls, and Game of ThronesWhat happened last week, what happened since, and what to look for tonight.