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  1. vulture quiz
    Can You Tell Which Paul Rudd Is Older? (We Doubt It)Try to guess which photo he’s older in. You won’t get it right.
  2. vulture quiz
    The Matthew McConaugh-Quiz: Can You Name That Very High-Sounding Character?The Beach Bum’s Moondog is just the tip of the bud pile.
  3. the quote quiz
    Who Said It: Tyler Durden or Screenslaver?Wake up, sheeple, and take this quiz.
  4. Can You Recognize These Very Dark TV Dramas?A surprisingly tough quiz.
  5. vulture quiz
    Which TV Couple Said It: Philip and Elizabeth or Philip and Elizabeth?The Crown or The Americans?
  6. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Can You Tell These Very Similar Disgraced-Man Comeback Stories Apart?Who is “examining his blind spots,” and who is “testing the waters for a public comeback”?
  7. marvel cinematic universe
    A Simple Quiz: Has This Actor Ever Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?We’ll give you 30 actors. You tell us if they’ve been in a Marvel movie.
  8. tv
    Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan QuizTen years after Breaking Bad debuted, how well do you know Walter White’s story?
  9. quiz
    Can You Match Connie Britton’s Reaction With the Right 9-1-1 Call?9-1-1, what’s this emergency?
  10. hot or not
    Is This Game of Thrones Character Supposed to Be Hot?A quiz about the hotness gap between the show and the books.
  11. quiz time
    Which TV Show Said It: Pretty Little Liars or Big Little Lies?Too. Many. Lies.
  12. Take Vulture’s Girls Superfan QuizHow well do you know Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna?
  13. vulture quiz
    Did Zac Efron Take Off His Shirt in This Movie? At this rate we’ll one day be asking, “Did he put on a shirt in this movie?”
  14. summer movie preview 2016
    Summer Movie Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Blockbusters?Even the sturdiest-seeming tentpoles sometimes topple.
  15. vulture quiz
    Who Said It? Vulture’s Week-in-Quotes QuizWere you paying attention?
  16. quiz
    Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Outfit or a Blanket? A QuizIs this a picture of something Will would’ve worn to impress the honeys or something you’d sleep under?
  17. superfan quiz
    Take Our Parks & Recreation Superfan QuizThe show is ending, but your fandom lives on.
  18. vulture quiz
    Test Your Must-See-TV Knowledge by Taking the Friends SAT ExamDo you have what it takes to get into Vulture University?
  19. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Did This Crazy Thing Happen on One of the Kardashian TV Shows?Have you kept up with the Kardashians? Have you?
  20. vulture quiz
    Lost Turns 10: Take Our Quiz and Guess the Character’s EyeballA real eye-opener.
  21. vulture quiz
    How Well Do You Know These 50 True Blood Characters?Do you just know these past and current denizens of Bon Temps, or do you really, really know them?
  22. vulture quiz
    Are You a Seinfeld Trivia Whiz? Take This Superfan QuizNo Moops-like misprints here.
  23. the quote quiz
    Can You Guess Famous Wet Hot Lines?Grab your short shorts and flip-flops, it’s time for a Quote Quiz. 
  24. vulture quiz
    Quiz: How Well Can You Spell the Words From Last Night’s Spelling Bee Final?How well could you spell the words from last night’s Bee?
  25. vulture quiz
    Quiz: How Well Do You Know This Season’s Mad Men Offices?Break out the floor plan.
  26. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Did Drew Barrymore Date This Person in Real Life or in a Movie (or Both)?She loves hearts; she hearts love.
  27. hair quiz
    Take the Johnny Depp Movie-Hair QuizCan you tell Cry-Baby from Blow from Alice in Wonderland just by the hair?
  28. quiz
    Quiz: Which Character From the Middle 81 Minutes of Cast Away Are You?Are you a human?
  29. quiz
    Quiz: Which Gabrielle Union Is Older?Because she doesn’t appear to be aging.
  30. the quote quiz
    Guess Famous SNL Quotes From an Image or GIFLive from New York … It’s this week’s Quote Quiz!
  31. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Can You Identify Robert De Niro’s Lesser-Known Roles?Everyone knows their Vito Corleones from their Jake LaMottas. But what about your David Callaways from your Vincent LaMarcas?
  32. quiz
    Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan QuizHow well do you know the people, places, and things from Vince Gilligan’s imminently departing AMC series?
  33. Quiz: Which Pharrell Is Older? The man does not age.
  34. vulture quiz
    Are These Lines From American Horror Story or Fake Porn?A quiz for perverts.
  35. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Which Cheesy-Action Movie One-Liners Are Real and Which Are Fake?Yipee-kai-yay … takethisquiz!
  36. vulture quiz
    Pop Quiz! Who Hates Stardom More: Garfield, Stone, Pattinson or Stewart?Match these fifteen quotes to the correct fame-eschewing blockbuster couple.
  37. vulture quiz
    Take Vulture’s Community Season Three Final ExamTo the Quizatorium!