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    Twin Peaks Finale Questions, AnsweredWe finally find out who survived the bank explosion.
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    The Twin Peaks Character Backstories We Learn From Mark Frost’s New NovelTry not to get too weepy when you find out where the Log Lady’s log came from.
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    10 Strange Stories From Ron Miscavige’s Scientology Tell-all RuthlessLisa Marie Presley tried to help him out.
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    Teresa Giudice’s Prison-Memoir HighlightsAvoiding tabloids, what she ate, and DIY dildos.
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    Everything We Learned About Shonda Rhimes From Her Book, Year of YesCristina Yang is her ride-or-die chick.
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    7 Fun Non-Scientology Stories in Leah Remini’s BookThat time she thought she almost got the part of Monica on Friends.
  7. by the numbers
    Leah Remini’s Scientology Book by the NumbersShe has given around $5 million to the Church of Scientology in her life.
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    All the Weird Tom Cruise Stories From Leah Remini’s Book About ScientologyThere’s a lot more than couch-jumping in here.
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    9 Things We Learned About Drew Barrymore From Her New Memoir WildflowerForty years’ worth of memories.
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    The 12 Best Stories From Judd Apatow’s New BookColbert talks about why he quit The Colbert Report.
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    Vulture Reading Room Wraps Up on David Foster WallaceSays Sam Anderson: “I could go on forever, but I’ll stop there. In conclusion: It’s all tremendously complicated.”
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    Reading Room: David Foster WallaceOn “Wallace’s fullest elaboration of what he saw as the key question of modern existence.”
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    The Vulture Reading Room Says Good-bye to Bill SimmonsAnd to awesome invented terms like the “Last Great White American Player Syndrome.”
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    Jonathan Lethem Loves Chris Mullin, Is Confused by the Sports GuyLethem: “I felt starved for something booklike in this book-resembling object.”
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    The Vulture Reading Room Takes on the Sports GuyWas watching John Stockton play really “like being trapped in the missionary position for two decades”?
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    Is Robert Langdon Really the ‘Most Irritating Harvard-Educated, Mullet-Wearing Sexless Pedant of All Time’?Sarah Weinman, Matt Taibbi, and Professor Geoffrey K. Pullum weigh in at the Vulture Reading Room.
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    The Lost Symbol Is Teletubbies for Grown-ups’Boris Kachka weighs in at the Vulture Reading Room.
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    ‘Dan Brown Is America’Introducing the third edition of Vulture Reading Room.
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    Bidding Farewell to the And Then There’s This Reading RoomCheck it out!
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    David Rees Gets His PowerPoint OnThe ‘Get Your War On’ author has submitted his first contribution to the Vulture Reading Room, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.
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    The Vulture Reading Room Keeps Plugging AlongAnil Dash weighs in.
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    Things Heating Up in the Vulture Reading RoomTwo more pundits weigh in on Bill Wasik’s ‘And Then There’s This.’
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    Vulture Reading Room Returns With And Then There᾿s This’New York’ book critic Sam Anderson has assembled an elite team of literati to discuss Bill Wasik’s ‘And Then There’s This.’
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    The Vulture Reading Room: The Blunt-Force Assault of Humor in WetlandsThe discussion between a roundtable of literary luminaries over ‘Wetlands’ is, sadly, coming to an end.
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    The Vulture Reading Room: In Defense of WetlandsIn his latest dispatch, Sam Anderson defends Charlotte Roche’s novel after making one small concession: “Roche is a black hole of literary talent.”
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    The Vulture Reading Room: Check In Anytime You Like, But You Can Never LeaveAdam Sternbergh and Kate Christensen weigh in on European bodily fluid adventure ‘Wetlands.’
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    Welcome to Wetlands and the Vulture Reading Room’New York’ book critic Sam Anderson has convened a roundtable of literary luminaries to discuss ‘Wetlands,’ a novel that brims over with sex talk and bodily fluids.