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  1. vulture lists
    7 TV Comedies You Can Safely Recommend to Your ParentsThey’ll tell you how nice these shows are at your next FaceTime.
  2. vulture recommends
    In Secret Honor, Philip Baker Hall Plays Nixon As a Wounded AnimalThe late actor doesn’t look much like Tricky Dick, but he channels his post-Watergate desperation.
  3. vulture recommends
    Jack Reacher Was the Beginning of a Beautiful Blockbuster FriendshipTom Cruise broke Christopher McQuarrie out of “director jail” and found a kindred creative spirit.
  4. vulture recommends
    Lords of Synth Plays a Loving, Razzing Tribute to VangelisHonor the late synth pioneer by making fun of him.
  5. vulture recommends
    15 Years Later, Gavin & Stacey Has Proved Impossible to RemakeAmerican networks tried three times to adapt the beloved British sitcom.
  6. vulture recommends
    A Simple Plan Is Sam Raimi at His Most RestrainedAnd maybe his best.
  7. vulture recommends
    Netflix’s Giri/Haji Is the Thinking Person’s Tokyo ViceThe tightly constructed British-Japanese gangster series only lasted a season, but it was a good one.
  8. vulture recommends
    We’re All Adult Babies in Kotaro’s WorldThe 4-year-old protagonist of Netflix’s anime adaptation teaches a lesson in empathy viewers of all ages would do well to hear.
  9. vulture recommends
    You Must Remember This Has Sex on the Brain This SeasonKarina Longworth’s Hollywood podcast turns its eye tow the erotic thriller.
  10. vulture recommends
    Finding Magic Mike Is More Celebration Than CompetitionNo overedited judging panels full of faux tension, just plenty of heart and hornt.
  11. vulture recommends
    It’s Time to Stop Ignoring The Golden PalaceThe Golden Girls spinoff is actually pretty funny even without Bea Arthur.
  12. vulture recommends
    Jonesing for More French Shows? Je Vous Présente Family Business‘Breaking Bad’ meets ‘Call My Agent!’
  13. vulture recommends
    The Bliss and Decay of Lords of Dogtown’s Eternal SummerWarm up the dog days of winter.
  14. vulture lists
    What to Watch and Stream Over the Long WeekendMove over, Che Diaz: It’s Maisel time.
  15. vulture lists
    10 Icy Nordic Thrillers to Get You Through the WinterCold weather and cold murders.
  16. vulture recommends
    Rat Race Is the Pinnacle of Early-2000s CheeseRemember when a movie could be resolved with a group sing-along to “All Star”?
  17. happy hoffadays
    The Irishman Is a Valentine’s Day MovieAnd not just because February 14 happens to be Jimmy Hoffa’s birthday.
  18. the big game
    An Ode to the Varsity Blues ‘I Don’t Want Your Life’ SpeechA ’90s artifact that has endured the ravages of time.
  19. vulture recommends
    Smiling Friends Is a BalmThe Adult Swim show is now streaming on HBO Max.
  20. remember the 90s?
    So You Already Miss Yellowjackets. Here’s What to Watch Next18 movies and TV shows to tide you over until season two.
  21. to paradise
    6 South Korean Dating Shows to Watch After Single’s InfernoFrom more mind games to more hot people on a beach.
  22. vulture recommends
    Why Golden Girls Is the Perfect Show to WatchIn honor of the late, great Betty White, stream the series on Hulu right now.
  23. vulture recommends
    TikTok Is Watching Tracy Joseph’s Every MoveMeet the 20-year-old behind many of the year’s viral dances.
  24. year in culture 2021
    All the Music I Didn’t Get to Write About This Year … Until NowIt’s impossible to cover everything, even in the calmest years. Here, New York music critic Craig Jenkins on more standout work of the last 12 months.
  25. vulture recommends
    A Shane Black Christmas Isn’t All That MerryAnd maybe that’s the point.
  26. best of 2021
    The Best Comedy Books of 2021Featuring Mel Brooks, Amber Ruffin, a history of the Twin Cities comedy scene, and a celebration of Native comedians.
  27. best of 2021
    The Best Comedy Specials of 2021This year’s most notable releases expanded our definition of what a comedy special can be.
  28. best of 2021
    The Best Books of 2021From radical nuns to gut-wrenching memoir, this year’s books hit us where it hurt.
  29. best of 2021
    The Best Songs of 2021From Jazmine Sullivan’s years-in-the-making comeback to electrifying rock anthems to Doja Cat’s NSFW tongue twister and more.
  30. best of 2021
    The Best TV of 2021As the television landscape keeps expanding outward, these are the shows that are pushing it forward.
  31. vulture recommends
    Thumbelina Is the Showgirls of ’90s Cartoon-Princess MoviesWe love a high-budget flop.
  32. vulture recommends
    Magdalena Bay’s Cinematic Pop Universe May Never Stop ExpandingThe duo’s debut, Mercurial World, is one of 2021’s best.
  33. vulture lists
    What to See, Watch, and Stream This Thanksgiving WeekendFrom big-budget theatrical releases to quirky streaming comedies.
  34. vulture recommends
    Scary Godmother Is a Halloween NostalgiafestCartoon Network kids will remember this 2003 animated movie.
  35. vulture recommends
    The Best Vampire Cop Show Ever Made (in Canada)No other Canadian vampire cop show comes close to Forever Knight, a ’90s cult hit about an 800-year-old homicide detective.
  36. vulture recommends
    Make Brand New Cherry Flavor Your Next Netflix Horror BingeDropped in August, the series is perfect for spooky season.
  37. vulture recommends
    Over the Garden Wall Is the Perfect Fall TV ShowNo program has captured the feeling of a crisp autumn as effectively as the wonderful Cartoon Network limited series.
  38. vulture recommends
    Ironic Detachment Meets Tender Vulnerability on the StraightioLab PodcastGet in, loser, we’re deconstructing heterosexuality.
  39. vulture recommends
    Please Watch the Unfiltered Joy Machine That Is The Goes Wrong ShowThe second season premieres on September 27.
  40. vulture recommends
    Adventureland Is the Perfect End-of-Summer MovieGreg Mottola’s Superbad follow-up is streaming on HBO Max.
  41. vulture lists
    What to See, Watch, and Stream Over the Long WeekendBlockbuster flicks, vampire comedies, and sensitive family dramas.
  42. hardcore
    Turnstile’s New Music Is So Good People Are Literally Shitting ThemselvesIt’s really that good. And someone really pooped in the pit at a recent show.
  43. vulture recommends
    The Best Way to Watch Netflix’s He’s All That Is on YouTubeThe Addison Rae remake is deeply steeped in social media. So why would you want to experience it through the prism of old media?
  44. vulture recommends
    To Your Eternity Is a Must-See New Anime for Studio Ghibli FansGive yourself over to all the emotional highs and lows of this enchanting new world.
  45. vulture recommends
    Stick It Celebrates the Brutal Beauty of GymnasticsFifteen years later, the movie about acrobatic rebellion is more relevant than ever.
  46. vulture recommends
    YouTube Might Be the Best Place to Watch the OlympicsSpecifically, the NBC Sports channel.
  47. vulture recommends
    How My Love of Reality TV Led Me to HayuThe streaming service lets international fans of unscripted fare binge Housewives to their heart’s content.
  48. return of the mack
    The Most Joyous 99 Seconds of Television This Year Happened on StarstruckMay you watch this scene 300 times. You deserve it.
  49. podcasts
    Rewatching the Pam & Tommy Sex Tape, 25 Years LaterThere have been countless copycats — and nothing like it.
  50. close reads
    Infinity Train Outgrew Its Audience — and Grew Better for ItThe animated series’s cancellation over the lack of “a child entry point” underestimates what audiences of all ages are capable of enjoying.
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