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  1. the vulture tv podcast
    Listen to the Final Episode of the Vulture TV PodcastFarewell!
  2. the vulture tv podcast
    What Other Coen Brothers Movies Would Make for Good TV?We discuss on this week’s Vulture TV Podcast.
  3. the vulture tv podcast
    From The Handmaid’s Tale to 13 Reasons Why, Book Adaptations Are All Over TVAnd they’re more prestige-y than ever.
  4. the vulture tv podcast
    Damon Lindelof on Why The Leftovers Is Ultimately a Love StoryAnd why it’s so hard to say no to a naked Theroux.
  5. the vulture tv podcast
    The Silence of the Big Little Lies FinaleTune into our discussion of the show on the Vulture TV Podcast.
  6. the vulture tv podcast
    Mark Harris on Turning Five Came Back Into a Netflix Documentary Series“The war surprised each of the five in a different way.”
  7. the vulture tv podcast
    What Show Should Fill the Game of Thrones-Sized Hole in Your Life This Spring?May we suggest The Handmaid’s Tale?
  8. the vulture tv podcast
    Ryan Murphy’s Ever-Expanding TV EmpireOn this week’s Vulture TV Podcast, we explore the Murphyverse.
  9. the vulture tv podcast
    Our Favorite Drunken TV MomentsPlus, processing that big episode of Girls.
  10. the vulture tv podcast
    The TV Villains You Love to Hate, Plus Big Little LiesAll on this week’s Vulture TV Podcast.
  11. TV Actors Who Have Reinvented Themselves in New RolesFrom Jon Hamm to Jennifer Aniston.
  12. 100 jokes
    The Jokes That Get Told Over and Over Again on TV“There are certain classic situations that have been done a million-zillion times.”
  13. the vulture tv podcast
    Why Riverdale Makes for Such a Perfect Teen SoapMoody teenagers!
  14. the vulture tv podcast
    The TV Shows and Characters We’ve Changed Our Minds On“I now realize that Emily Gilmore is always right and the real heroine of the show.”
  15. chat room
    Elizabeth Marvel on Homeland, Donald Trump, and Playing the President“It’s not every day that, as a woman, you get to run the show.”
  16. chat room
    Patrick Warburton on Lemony, The Tick Remake“Supermans get replaced. Batmans get replaced. Even the Tick.”
  17. the vulture tv podcast
    How Funny Does The Young Pope Want to Be?A conversation about this odd duck of a show.
  18. the vulture tv podcast
    Why Was The OA So Divisive?Plus, Rita Moreno on her eight-year affair with Marlon Brando.
  19. The Vulture TV Podcast: TV to Watch for in 2017, Plus Issa RaeFrom HBO’s The Young Pope to FX’s Legion.
  20. the vulture tv podcast
    How TV Shows Recycle the Same Romantic NarrativesPlus, the shows that subvert them.
  21. the vulture tv podcast
    Matt and Jen Discuss Their Picks for the Best TV Shows of 2016Plus, a Vulture Podcast conversation with Rectify creator Ray McKinnon.
  22. listen
    The Vulture TV Podcast: Gilmore Girls EditionA lively debate.
  23. the vulture tv podcast
    Search Party Is the Perfect Thanksgiving BingeIt feels pretty spiritually tuned in to our turbulent times.
  24. the vulture tv podcast
    Alia Shawkat on How Trump’s Win Connects to Our Culture of Self-Obsession“Why do we feel better when we’re in nature? Why do we feel better when we’re helping other people? It’s a natural, human urge to want to do that.”
  25. the vulture tv podcast
    How Will the 2016 Election Affect Scripted TV?Will political TV shows take on different tones than they used to? And will writers generally lean into more progressive ideas?
  26. the vulture tv podcast
    Pamela Adlon on Dealing With Assholes in HollywoodThis was really said to me in real life by somebody I was working with: “You’re my kind of woman. Slap a pair of tits on you and you’re just my type.”
  27. the vulture tv podcast
    High Main Creators on Their First HBO Season“The Guy gets frustrated a lot more this season.”
  28. the vulture tv podcast
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge on Being Slapped by a ‘National Treasure’ on Fleabag“I basically had a fight with Olivia Colman.”
  29. listen
    Vulture TV Podcast: THC and Randall ParkIn the premieres of Divorce and Fresh Off the Boat, both shows deal with an identity crisis.
  30. How TV Is Increasingly Breaking the Rules “Television has always been very good about staking out this middle ground between the novel and the short story.”
  31. the vulture tv podcast
    How Do You Choose the Greatest Show of All Time?Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall explain their criteria.
  32. the vulture tv podcast
    The 2016 Emmys Felt Like Watching Change in Real TimeThis year’s awards marked a palpable shift.
  33. the vulture tv podcast
    Saturday Night Live’s Chris Kelly on Getting Promoted to Co-Head WriterAnd how every character is going to be gay this season on SNL.
  34. How Accurate Was The Night Of? Two Legal Experts ExplainHelen leaning on the witness stand is a big no-no.
  35. the vulture tv podcast
    Stranger Things and the Best Music Scores on TVFrom Fargo to The Bachelor.
  36. the vulture tv podcast
    The Second-Season Slump and When TV Shows Become MoviesWhat’s going on with UnREAL and Mr. Robot?
  37. the vulture tv podcast
    Orange Is the New Black and the Half-RebootOur very first show with Jen Chaney!
  38. the vulture tv podcast
    Noah Hawley on Ewan McGregor’s Dual Fargo Role“One brother gets to look like Ewan McGregor, and then the other one will look like fatter, balder Ewan McGregor probably.”
  39. the vulture tv podcast
    O.J. Director on the Disturbing Charm of O.J.“I have empathy and sympathy [for him]. And then it goes away.”
  40. the vulture tv podcast
    TGE Creators on Criticism of the ShowPlus, who sent that video?
  41. the vulture tv podcast
    Remembering Morley Safer, America’s StorytellerWith a few of Safer’s old colleagues.
  42. the vulture tv podcast
    Did We Need a Roots Remake?Debating the merits of remaking the classic mini-series.
  43. the vulture tv podcast
    What Makes for a Good TV Dream Sequence?Frasier, Battlestar Galatica, and more of our favorites.
  44. the vulture tv podcast
    How Different Is Game of Thrones Now That It’s (Mostly) Off-Book?Not that different!
  45. the vulture tv podcast
    Has Broad City Lost ‘It’?When TV comedies stop making us laugh so hard.
  46. the vulture tv podcast
    The State of Comic-Book Adaptations on TVPlus, Neve Campbell on her Party of Five days.
  47. Why ​The Americans​ Will Be Better Than Ever in Season 4Showrunners Weisberg and Fields on the evolution of Elizabeth and Philip, what they’d do over if they could, and making the Best Show on Television™.
  48. listen
    The Vulture TV Podcast: Gilmore Girls EditionHow much does the revival really need Sookie anyways?
  49. the vulture tv podcast
    Vinyl, Horace and Pete, and What Makes a Compelling StoryDo these shows have the narratives to back up their appealing surface qualities?
  50. What Defines a Showtime Show?Plus, we’re joined by Malcolm-Jamal Warner to discuss The People v. O.J. Simpson’s Bronco-car-chase episode.
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