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  1. tv review
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Beats the OddsShows like CXG rarely get onto mainstream TV, much less sustain their concept over the long haul.
  2. tv
    Vulture Is Making a Weekly Awards Show for TruTVWhat if there was an award show that celebrated each and every week in popular culture?
  3. @TrumpComedyNerd’s Official Statement on Splitsider’s Move to VultureEarlier this year, we announced that Splitsider was acquired by Vulture and that we were working together to launch a new and expanded comedy […]
  4. A Note About Splitsider Since Splitsider launched in 2010, the goal of our tiny island on the internet has been simple: to keep you up to date on all the best comedy […]
  5. funny business
    Vulture Just Got a Whole Lot FunnierSplitsider.com has had a significant influence on our approach to comedy journalism, which is why we’re so excited to have acquired it.
  6. How Black Panther Crafted Erik Killmonger’s Compelling Arc“The best villains are the ones who have a point of view you can relate to,” explains co-writer Joe Robert Cole.
  7. Why I Couldn’t Stop Watching the New Queer EyeIt’s a show about men trying to fix masculinity.
  8. Crooked House Is a Divertingly Twisty, Over-the-Top Agatha Christie AdaptationWorth it for Gillian Anderson’s wig alone.
  9. Chillwave Is Back … or Is It?The short-lived subgenre that promoted lazy days and good vibes is back, but maybe it never quite left.
  10. overnights
    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Ready for Any and All ThingsThe riot has everyone in Litchfield grasping for power.
  11. Join Vulture’s Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale LiveblogSunday night at 9 p.m.
  12. Celebrity Fans and Former ‘Colbert Report’ Guests Say Goodbye to ‘Stephen […]After nine years on the air, The Colbert Report ends its run on Comedy Central this Thursday. To celebrate all the wonderful things Colbert has […]
  13. Watch Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Cover a Bunch of Sitcom Theme Songs Vulture had music duo The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo) into the studio to record a medley of really depressing sitcom theme songs, including […]
  14. quiz
    Quiz: Which Gabrielle Union Is Older?Because she doesn’t appear to be aging.
  15. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jay Leno Sported a Mustache for His Lost Bet to Jimmy FallonPlus: A Burmese python crushed Conan’s arm, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  16. parties
    Tonight, Vulture and Bravo Are Buying You Drinks in New YorkWe’re having a party at the Maritime Hotel.
  17. contests
    Win VIP Tickets to Beyoncé’s Good Morning America PerformanceOnce again, it’s haiku time.
  18. upfronts 2011
    Jay-Z Has a Development Deal With Adult SwimHe joins Odd Future and Major Lazer as an Adult Swim partner.
  19. announcement
    ‘Like’ Vulture on Facebook!A humble suggestion.
  20. the big reveal
    Welcome to the New Vulture!Take a look around.
  21. ask vulture
    Vulture’s Guide to Casting Movie VillainsWho should play your bad guy: Jackie Earle Haley, Mark Strong, Mickey Rourke, or Hugo Weaving?
  22. announcements
    Vulture.com!Vulture.com now redirects to Vulture.
  23. twitchy
    Vulture Coins Lost Nickname!“Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy.”
  24. vulture reading room
    The Vulture Reading Room: The Blunt-Force Assault of Humor in WetlandsThe discussion between a roundtable of literary luminaries over ‘Wetlands’ is, sadly, coming to an end.
  25. vulture
    The Vulture Reading Room: In Defense of WetlandsIn his latest dispatch, Sam Anderson defends Charlotte Roche’s novel after making one small concession: “Roche is a black hole of literary talent.”