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  1. vulture lists
    How Five World Leaders Reacted to Hollywood’s Unflattering Depictions Hitler, Saddam, Bush, Clinton.
  2. bruce
    Did Bruce Springsteen Borrow From KISS?He’s been accused by KISS-loving YouTubers of swiping the melody of “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” for a song on his new record.
  3. chat room
    ‘W.’ Star Jason Ritter on Becoming Jeb’I hope Jeb appreciates my work!’
  4. w. tf
    First Reviews Indicate Oliver Stone’s ‘W.’ Only Marginally Better Than Actual Bush PresidencyApparently it ‘feels like a rough draft’ and ‘borders perilously close to a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch.’
  5. trailer mix
    ‘W.’ Trailer: Oliver Stone’s Bush Movie Still Looking HilariousWe bet this is going to be awesome.
  6. apropos of nothing
    Apatocalypse Now: Five Movies to Get You Through the Coming Judd Apatow DroughtDid you know ‘Pineapple Express’ is the last Apatow movie of 2008? Here are five ripoffs Hollywood hopes will fill the void.
  7. in the magazine
    Tony Shafrazi Puts Art on Top of Art, and Other Culture Highlights From the MagazineWhat’s happening in this week’s ‘New York’?
  8. the industry
    Seth McFarlane Will Continue Making ‘Family Guy’ Until Our Children’s Children Walk the EarthPlus: Patty and Selma rejoice! Here comes a ‘McGuyver’ movie!
  9. trailer mix
    Seventh Season of ‘24’ Looks Torture-riffic!After a disappointing season of shark-jumping absurdity, Jack Bauer returns in January — with more shark-jumping absurdity!