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Wage Gap

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    BBC Boss Responds to Open Letter, Says Closing Pay Gap Will Be ‘Accelerated’Tony Hall said that closing the wage gap was “a personal priority over the last four years.”
  2. wage gap
    Taraji Made ‘Sofa Change’ Compared to Brad Pitt“If I pushed for more money, I’d be replaced and no one would so much as a blink.”
  3. bridging the gap
    Why It’s a Big Deal That Actors Can Now Get Their Ages Removed From IMDbAge discrimination in Hollywood is no joke.
  4. real talk
    Winslet: Talking of Gender Pay Gap Is ‘Vulgar’“I find all this quite uncomfortable.”
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    Cooper to Team Up Negotiations With Female StarsBecause agents don’t care.
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    Gwyneth Paltrow Hates the Hollywood Wage Gap“If men are being paid a lot more for doing the same thing, it feels shitty.”
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    Amanda Seyfried Made 10 Percent of What Her Male Co-Star DidNot cool.
  8. Sarah Silverman on the Gender Wage Gap: ‘We Don’t Get What We Want, We Get […]The wonderful Sarah Silverman recently teamed up with Levo for their #Ask4More campaign to reflect on her experience with wage inequality as a […]
  9. Sarah Silverman Protests the $500,000 Vagina Tax by Becoming a ManIn an effort to put an end to the gender wage gap, Sarah Silverman recently teamed up with a great cause called the Equal Payback Project in […]