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Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

  1. ron swanson’s mustache
    Nick Offerman, Secret SoftieAnd bong enthusiast.
  2. chat room
    Peter Sagal of ‘Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ on Competitiveness and Republicans“I would love it if John Boehner would come on our show.”
  3. clickables
    Hear Bill Clinton Ace His My Little Pony Quiz on ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!’Also: He’d never heard “Wait Wait” before.
  4. clickables
    Hear David Simon Play Some Fifties-TV Trivia on ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’He doesn’t do too well.
  5. music
    Hear Ice-T Play ‘Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!’ on NPRA studio audience laughs warmly as Ice describes his bank-robbing days.
  6. books
    Read Wait, Wait, Don’t Eat Me, the Zombie NPR Fan-Fiction ScreenplayZOMBIE: Brains?