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  1. walking dead walks on
    Andrew Lincoln Is Walking on Back to AMC for Multiple Walking Dead FilmsJust when you thought he was out, the zombie hoards pull him back in.
  2. sexual misconduct
    Chris Hardwick Wept Upon Returning to AMC’s Talking Dead Following Investigation“I want to thank you, the Walking Dead community, for all of your support these last couple of months.”
  3. tv
    The Walking Dead Suspends Production After Serious Stuntman InjuryStunt performer John Bernecker suffered a head injury after falling 20 feet onto a concrete floor.
  4. paleyfest 2017
    No, The Walking Dead’s Negan Isn’t an Allusion to Donald TrumpSorry to ruin your theories.
  5. the industry
    The Walking Dead Lost a Sizable Chunk of Its Audience This SeasonNot even the zombies of The Walking Dead are immune to the ratings-shrinking virus that has hit just about every veteran show this fall.
  6. weddings!
    The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Marries Joana PakThey tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on Saturday.
  7. last night on late night
    Walking Dead Meets Chappelle’s Show on SNLTyrone Biggums! Chuck Taylor!
  8. roll clip!
    Negan Strolls Up to Alexandria in a Preview for Next Week’s Walking DeadUh-oh.
  9. talking dead
    Michael Cudlitz on That Gruesome Walking Dead Season 7 PremiereCudlitz had some thoughts about Abraham on The Talking Dead
  10. John Cleese Recaps All of The Walking DeadThe Ministry of Silly Walkers.
  11. lawsuits
    The Walking Dead Creator Frank Darabont Says AMC Owes Him $280 Million He’s also arguing he hasn’t been paid for the entire second season.
  12. zombie police procedurals
    NBC Wanted Walking Dead As a Zombie-Crime ShowLaw & Order: Biter Victim’s Unit.
  13. Ariella Segal Is Redefining the One-Woman ShowOne-person shows are usually characterized by a string of character pieces, appreciated (or bemoaned) by a collection of live humans who must […]
  14. uncanny valley
    Nude Norman Reedus Stars in Death Stranding GameThe trailer is weirdly mesmerizing.
  15. last night on late night
    Josh Hutcherson Isn’t Quite Ready for All the Hunger Games FanfarePlus: Jon Bernthal was his pizza delivery guy’s wife’s celeb sex wild card, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  16. clickables
    See the Breaking Bad Reference From Last Night’s Walking DeadYes, they meant to do that.
  17. clickables
    Watch Four Quick Teasers for Walking Dead Season TwoZombie prison break, look out.
  18. clickables
    Watch the Disgusting First Trailer for Walking Dead Season TwoNo, really: Ew.
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    Vampires, Just Like Dead Bodies