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Wall Street

  1. movie review
    Louise Linton’s Sex-Cannibal Comedy Is Here, and It Is Not GoodMe You Madness is a nonstop deluge of overwritten rants and underbaked humor.
  2. art du jour
    Artist Protests Fearless Girl by Installing Pissing Pug Statue Beside It“It has nothing to do with feminism.”
  3. Behind Equity, a Film About Women on Wall Street“We didn’t want the Jennifer Lawrence version of this movie.”
  4. trailer mix
    Watch Anna Gunn in the New Equity Trailer“Don’t let money be a dirty word.”
  5. a casting couch of one’s own
    John Cusack Joins His Own CBS Wall Street PilotAs sort of an anti-McConaughey.
  6. stocks
    Smart Investors Stick With HollywoodStudio stocks are up, up, up!
  7. the industry
    Don Cheadle to Don Iron SuitPlus: ‘Wall Street 2’!