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  1. chat room
    Wallace Shawn Loves Acting on TV, Despite Not Owning a TV“I’ve acted on sitcoms more than I’ve watched them, really!”
  2. Theater Reviews: Evening at the Talk House and Escaped AloneWallace Shawn and Caryl Churchill go apocalypto.
  3. Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn on the Legacy of My Dinner With AndreAddressing that timeless question: How do I play myself?
  4. movies
    Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory on A Master BuilderLots of Ibsen talk.
  5. stage dive
    The Designated Mourner Review: Epitaph for the IntellectualThe revival of Wallace Shawn’s work isn’t nice or easy.
  6. chat room
    Wallace Shawn on Singing in a Clueless Musical“I have a little knowledge of classical music, but no knowledge of popular music, really.”
  7. My Name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Watch this […]video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Try and watch this video reunion of the cast of The Princess Bride reunion without […]
  8. stage dive
    Things To Do (And Not Do) Before You Die This WeekendWe hope your family isn’t like the one in Debbie Tucker Green’s ‘Born Bad.’
  9. performances of the week
    Watch: 5 Great Video ClipsJimmy Fallon’s ‘Glee’ parody, Wallace Shawn as Jon Stewart’s therapist, Vanessa Williams impersonates herself, and more.
  10. mini backlash
    Wallace Shawn Slammed for Michael Moore Matchup“What the hell is Wallace Shawn doing here?”
  11. chat room
    Wallace Shawn on Essays, Being Funny, and What He’d Say to Obama“After I played one part, others came along. And then I became the voice of a dinosaur. It’s all rather logical.”
  12. awesome
    The Criterion Collection Rescues My Dinner With AndréFinally!
  13. quote machine
    Paris Hilton Breaks It Off With Her BFFPlus: Ben Affleck walks a mile in a journalist’s shoes.
  14. quote machine
    Robert Downey Jr.’s Next Movie to Be AwesomePlus: Ryan Adams declares war on dust mites.