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  1. tv review
    In Wanderlust, Toni Collette Gets Serious About SexCollette’s luminous performance is a highlight in this Netflix series about an open marriage.
  2. The Complete Guide to Everything: The Movies of 2012 This week Tim has had enough of Christmas and would like you all to stop even though Christmas ended nearly a week ago. Also Tom becomes a […]
  3. analysis
    Can the Romantic Comedy Be Saved?Once a box-office sure thing, the frothy genre is failing at — and vanishing from — movie theaters.
  4. wainy days
    Watch the New Episode of ‘Wainy Days’And your Paul Rudd fantasy just, er … came to life. ::Sigh::
  5. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Act of Valor Stomps the CompetitionAnd Wanderlust barely makes a splash.
  6. Act of Valor Leads Oscar Weekend Box OfficeWith Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds in second.
  7. Review Roundup: Wanderlust is ‘A Shambling Mix’ of Hits and MissesThe reviews for the David Wain-directed, Paul Rudd-starring Wanderlust are here, and they’re…disappointing. The story of two type-A New […]
  8. movie review
    Movie Review: Wanderlust Wrings New Laughs Out of a Weary IdeaIt’s the great American (hash) pipe dream.
  9. David Wain’s Reddit AMA Already Yielding Wet Hot Sequel ConfirmationsDavid Wain’s answering questions on Reddit right now. Re: Wet Hot American Summer, and I quote, “We are working on the sequel (me and Michael […]
  10. chat room
    David Wain on Wanderlust, His Casting Coup, and the Wet Hot American Summer Sequel “Michael Showalter and I are writing a script as we speak.”
  11. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jennifer Aniston Walk-of-Shamed It to Hollywood BoulevardPlus: Surprise guest Adam Corolla denounced Jimmy Kimmel’s collaboration with Oprah, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  12. Kathryn Hahn Has So Much To Say About Joe Lo Truglio’s Penis There are some amazing shots of this particular penis. A really amazing one through car windows, squatting down, just the nuts, it’s pretty […]
  13. chat room
    Kathryn Hahn on Comedy Cliques, Working With Paul Rudd, and Joe Lo Truglio’s Huge Penis in Wanderlust“Sometimes the head just kind of enters the frame. It is definitely a character in the film.”
  14. last night on late night
    Amanda Seyfried Went Bananas Over Her New Taxidermied RaccoonPlus: Jennifer Aniston groped a huge prosthetic penis, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. David Wain and the Comedy Summer Camp Fantasy Behind WanderlustThere’s a lot of interesting stuff in this piece on David Wain — his movement between the mainstream and the esoteric, for one — […]
  16. wanderlust
    Watch the Red Band Trailer for WanderlustCheck out the butt on Joe Lo Truglio!
  17. The Red Band Trailer for Wanderlust is Heavy on the ‘Lust’ The red band Wanderlust trailer is out, now with 100% more Joe Lo Truglio butt, goat-milking ejaculation analogies, and Paul Rudd giving […]
  18. wanderlust
    Watch Paul Rudd Talk Dirty to Malin AkermanEw, “spicy holes”!
  19. wanderlust
    Watch Another Clip From WanderlustEveryone you love — at a picnic bench!
  20. wanderlust
    Watch Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux Cover the Spin Doctors in a Scene From WanderlustIf this is any indication, we’ll see you opening night!
  21. trailer mix
    Wanderlust Trailer: Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Go Au NaturalJustin Theroux is in it, too, gossip hounds.
  22. Ken Marino on Party Down, Reunions Of All Kinds and His Denim Short Shorts The Party Down reunion on Childrens Hospital airs tonight, and Ken Marino is already looking back on the laughter and the tears. “It was […]
  23. chat room
    Lauren Ambrose Stays Mum on Funny Girl, But Compares Herself to Carrot Top and Talks Torchwood“It goes along being cute and campy and gay, and then all of a sudden it’ll nail you.”
  24. the industry
    Tom Hanks May Team With Kathryn BigelowPlus: Pink and Kevin Bacon both executive producing the same project.
  25. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Garner, WildePlus: ABC developing a show based on ‘The Prince of Tides.’
  26. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Gandolfini, Ronan, MacyPlus: Christian Slater is looking for ‘Payback.’
  27. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Cooper, ReynoldsPlus: Jackson Rathbone joins ‘No Ordinary Family.’
  28. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Aniston, Rudd, PittPlus: Farrell and Cotillard team up for Manhattan thriller.