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  1. the industry
    Industry Roundup: New Shonda Rhimes Pilot Green-LitPlus: Alec Baldwin offered a role in ‘Rock of Ages’?
  2. exclusive
    Cougar Town Creator to Warner Bros.?Bill Lawrence may be headed to Warner Bros.
  3. exclusive
    Everything’s Coming Up Moses: Hollywood Readies Two Exodus MoviesHoly Moses!
  4. the industry
    Warner Bros. Forced to Distribute Movie It DumpedThe studio pulled the plug on ‘Dark Moon,’ but now must release it anyway.
  5. exclusive
    More Details on Michael Patrick King’s New ShowThe show revolves around the straight owner of an upscale/cutting-edge hair salon who finds himself having a midlife crisis.
  6. exclusive
    Sex and the City Show-Runner Michael Patrick King Shops a Top-Secret New ShowOur spies stubbornly refused to tell us just what the show’s about.
  7. the industry
    Mark Wahlberg to Star in Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’Plus: Ang Lee finds an unknown to headline ‘Life of Pi.’
  8. the industry
    Industry: Jack The Giant Killer Gets The Green LightPlus: ‘Total Recall’ remake looks for a leading man.
  9. the industry
    Is Warner Bros. Closed for the Rest of the Year?Agents tell Deadline that the studio isn’t taking any new pitches until 2011.
  10. exclusive
    Mike Myers to Bring Back Pepé Le PewWarner Bros. Pictures is developing a movie on the lovelorn French skunk, and Myers is attached to voice the part.
  11. on the set
    Man Crashes Car Through Warner Bros. Studio Gate, Storms LotIs promptly ‘cuffed.
  12. money
    Which Big Bang Theory Star Is Worth the Most?Is Jim Parsons’s Emmy nomination really worth $5.75 million per season?
  13. nazi-killing fish
    Zach Galifianakis in Talks to Play Nazi-Killing FishWarner Bros. has heard your clamoring for a Zach Galifianakis movie that combines the charms of ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Inglorious Basterds’ and responded.
  14. batman
    Batman Sets a DateChristopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ followup on July 20, 2012.
  15. jonah hex
    Jonah Hex to Be Released on Time, Insists New Jonah Hex PosterWell, they have to put it out on June 18 now.
  16. conan
    Coco’s Production Company Is on the MoveConaco is getting buddy-buddy with TBS sibling Warner Bros. TV.
  17. the industry
    Will Jonah Hex Be Ready in Time?The shredding guitarist behind the soundtrack says, “What I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem to be finished to me.”
  18. harry potter
    Harry Potter Script Left in Pub, Dutifully Returned to Warner Bros.’The Sun’ obtained the script before delivering it to the studio.
  19. arrrr!
    Our Application for the Warner Bros.’ New ‘Anti-Piracy Intern’ Position“Now I’ve got the chance to be Neo and Mr. Smith at the same time!”
  20. piracy
    Piracy Spy WantedThe London branch of Warner Bros. Entertainment is looking for a student to spy on file-sharers.
  21. the industry
    Zac Efron Graduates From High SchoolPlus: Ed Harris signs on for WWE film.
  22. the industry
    Damon and Affleck Reteam as ProducersA formal announcement, with a possible first-look production deal at Warner Bros., is expected as early as the end of this week.
  23. twittertracker
    Kevin Smith Responds!Apparently, Smith doesn’t like his name included in TV ads.
  24. the industry
    Warner Bros. Wins a Bidding War for a Teen Ocean’s 11They’ll adapt ‘Heist Society’ by Ally Carter, who has a huge teen-girl following.
  25. 3-d
    Clash Gets 3-D TreatmentIf we learned anything from ‘Avatar,’ it’s that no one wants to see Sam Worthington in two stupid dimensions.
  26. penguins
    Warner Bros. Politely Yet Firmly Tells Brittany Murphy’s Husband to Go Fly a KiteThe studio says that they never had a deal with Murphy to reprise her role in ‘Happy Feet II.’
  27. penguins
    Brittany Murphy’s Husband Plans To Sue Warner Bros.Simon Monjack also wants you to know that he’s very smart and independently wealthy. So there!
  28. 3-d
    Look Out! Harry Potter’s Wand Will Be in 3-DThat’s right. Harry Potter is going 3D.
  29. 3-d
    Will Warner Bros. Upgrade Clash of the Titans to 3-D?Let’s hope not!
  30. the industry
    Bryan Cranston Is on His Way to MarsPlus: Leonardo DiCaprio is headed to space, too!
  31. sarsgaards
    Peter Sarsgaard to Make Trouble for Green LanternPeter Sarsgaard is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. to play the villain opposite Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern.
  32. the industry
    Blake Lively to Turn on the Green LanternPlus: Channing Tatum! Antonio Banderas! Frances McDormand!
  33. netflixpocalypse
    Netflix to Make You Wait a Month for New Warner Bros. MoviesGiven Hollywood’s allergy to all things easy, cheap, and convenient, you probably figured this was coming.
  34. reboots
    Why Is the Thundercats Movie Not Happening?Has Hollywood finally learned restraint?
  35. the industry
    Nicole Richie to Play a Sitcom Version of Nicole RichiePlus: Tom Cavanagh! ‘True Blood’! Cartoons!
  36. the industry
    Lady Gaga Meets Gossip GirlPlus: Justin Timberlake! Bradley Cooper! The new ‘Daily Show’!
  37. the industry
    Rob Corddry Moving His Unconventional Family to a Weird WorldPlus: Chow Yun-fat! Vampires! Korean gangsters!
  38. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson Kills Congressman for CBSPlus: Wilmer Valderrama! Monsters! Dashed dreams!
  39. the industry
    Will Ferrell to Make a Scene on the Front LawnPlus: M. Night Shyamalan! Ian Somerhalder! Demons!
  40. rebranding
    DC Comics Gets New Name, New President, Fancy Press ReleaseWB today announced the restructuring and rebranding of DC Comics as DC Entertainment Inc.
  41. trailer mix
    Inception Trailer: Dancing on the CeilingSee the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ follow-up.
  42. the industry
    Hill, Segel, and Schwartzman to Follow the HandbookPlus: Jennifer Aniston goes to prison.
  43. delays
    The Box Possibly Coming in November, MaybeIf it gets one more release date, it will basically qualify as a rap album.
  44. wild things
    Maurice Sendak Swears Wild Things Movie Will Be OkaySays Sendak: “What I’ve seen [Spike Jonze] do is, he’s turned it into his without giving up mine … He’s touched me very much.”
  45. aquaman
    An Aquaman Movie: Could It Happen?Yes, apparently!
  46. harry potter
    So Why Is the New Harry Potter Movie Rated PG, Anyway?“Scary images, some violence, language, and mild sensuality” — ha!
  47. green lantern
    Sorry, JT!Ryan Reynolds beats out Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.
  48. jt
    Will Justin Timberlake Wear the Power Ring?Justin Timberlake is being considered by Warner Bros. to play Hal Jordan in next December’s Green Lantern movie. Yes, this is a bad idea.
  49. parental guidance suggested
    Where the Wild Things Are Gets a PG RatingGuess this means we won’t be seeing any of the Wild Things’ wangs.
  50. moneyballs
    So How Bad Was Soderbergh’s Revised Moneyball Script?Three studios agree: bad!
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