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  1. mulligan
    Warner Shuffles Execs After BvS MisstepJon Berg and Geoff Johns will now co-run a new division called DC Films, according to THR.
  2. batfleck
    Ben Affleck Will Direct and Star in a Standalone Batman Movie for Warner Bros.Warners Chief Kevin Tsujihara confirmed as much at CinemaCon on Tuesday.
  3. the industry
    Jim Parsons Cast in Magic Comedy Man-WitchWell, he’s not quite a man, and he’s not quite a witch, but haha, man!
  4. hello darkness my old friend
    Sad Ben Affleck, Like Batman, Has Seen the Future and Doesn’t Like What It HoldsYou’d be sad, too, if you had to do this many interviews when you’d rather be anywhere else.
  5. it's zack snyder's world
    Decoding Batman v Superman’s Complex ReceptionBreaking down reactions to the widely ridiculed, record-breaking blockbuster.
  6. the industry
    Wonder Woman Screenwriter to Pen Lobo MovieHis second DC adaptation. 
  7. under pressure
    Ben Affleck Is Feeling Lots of Batman PressureHe’s not bullshitting anybody.
  8. wonder woman
    Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Will Try to Make Cloaks Big AgainWarner Bros. also confirmed the upcoming film’s cast.
  9. lawsuits
    The Owners of the Real Conjuring House Are Suing“Can you imagine the horror of trying to sell this house?”
  10. the monster mash
    King Kong, Godzilla Will Clash AgainThanks to an industry move that’s creating something à la the MCU.
  11. the sound of money
    Why Major Music Labels Still MatterDespite the trend toward DIY and digital releases, old-guard record labels still have some advantages that their newer counterparts don’t. 
  12. the sports section
    LeBron James Signs With WB; Space Jam 2 Up Next?Maybe!
  13. The Controversy Over the Confederate Flag Has Reached Hazzard CountyThe studio behind the classic TV show won’t license any images of the General Lee with the Stars and Bars.
  14. comic-book movies
    Warner Exec Promises Jokes in DC Superhero FilmsAnd how they will be different from Marvel’s.
  15. uh-oh
    Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut Won’t Make It to TheatersIt will be released in April via home entertainment instead.
  16. supervillainy
    6 Things to Know About DC’s Suicide SquadInside dirt on the superhero movie everyone’s talking about.
  17. money
    Why the Big Bang Cast Deserves Even More MoneyThey’ll make upwards of $100 million over the next three years. CBS still got off cheap.
  18. comic-book movies
    Report: Warner Bros.’ Justice League Movies Release ScheduleBetween 2016 and 2018, there will be seven movies starring Superman and his friends.
  19. spinoffs
    Harry Potter Spinoff Beasts Will Be a Trilogy According to what Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara told the New York Times.
  20. biopicked
    Ryan Gosling Might Star in a Busby Berkeley BiopicWill definitely produce.
  21. streaming strife
    If You’re a Veronica Mars Backer, You Might Be Getting a RefundIf you were affected by the streaming problem.
  22. video game movies
    Warner Bros. Acquires Movie Rights to Minecraft Hey, it worked for The Lego Movie!
  23. release dates
    Batman vs. Superman Release Date Pushed Way Back The filmmakers need some extra time to “realize fully their vision.”
  24. casting couch
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants In on SandmanMeet your potential Dream King.
  25. movie franchises
    Which Movie Studios Are Winning and Losing the Franchise Arms Race?Disney has all the Marvel and Pixar franchises.
  26. pilot season
    Another Mentalist Alum Sold Another Comic-Book ShowIt’s the deja vu of pilot season. 
  27. pilot season
    Fox Won the Gotham Bidding WarMore superheroes on the small screen.
  28. adaptations
    The Story of the Empire State Building Is Becoming a MovieCue the Jay Z.
  29. beef
    The Butler Has to Pick a New Title for an Insane ReasonWarner Bros. used that title for a short film in 1916, so …
  30. movies
    Here Comes a Movie About How Playtex Designed the Apollo SpacesuitTrue facts, people.
  31. roll the dice
    Hollywood Ready to Play Dungeons & Dragons AgainWarner Bros. hopes to cast a mean money-multiplying spell.
  32. tv shows becoming movies
    Entourage Movie Gets a Green LightShowrunner Doug Ellin will direct.
  33. the industry
    Exclusive: Warner Bros. Cuts Ties With Secret Kevin Clash Puppet MovieClash had secretly been at work on a new character for the studio over this past summer and fall.
  34. hurricane watch
    Hurricane Sandy Stops Production on New York City Sets Winter’s Tale, 666 Park Avenue, and Gossip Girl have stopped filming. 
  35. name game
    300 Prequel Won’t Be Called 299It seemed so obvious. 
  36. development hell
    Warner Bros. Won’t Make The Dark Tower EitherRon Howard’s Stephen King adaptation is in trouble.
  37. 48 frames per second
    The Hobbit’s Revolutionary 48-Frame Format Will Be a Limited ReleaseWarner Bros. may be looking to test the reaction first.
  38. oddly timed prequels
    The Shining May Get a Big-Screen PrequelWarner Bros. is exploring the possibility with the screenwriter of Shutter Island.
  39. weekend box office
    There Will be No Box Office Numbers This Weekend Other studios have joined Warner Bros. in a gesture of sympathy toward Colorado’s moviegoing shooting victims. 
  40. the industry
    How Magic Mike’s Butt-Filled Trailer Made All the DifferenceThat’s how you sell a movie about male strippers.
  41. plot twists
    Warner Bros. Interested in Guinness Book of World Records FilmThinks it’ll make a good action-adventure flick.
  42. remakes
    Warner Bros. Plans ‘Darker’ Remake of Kipling’s Classic Jungle BookSadly, this means there’ll likely not be a “Bare Necessities” musical number.
  43. 48 frames per second
    Peter Jackson Stands by His 48-Frame 3-D Format for The Hobbit Some critics complain it looks too glossy.
  44. Steven Soderbergh Drops Out of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.He and Warner Bros. couldn’t agree on casting or a budget.
  45. Russell Brand Joins the Ranks of Actor-ProducersWill star in and produce Warner Bros. comedy.
  46. the industry
    Warner Bros. Developing a Third Titans InstallmentWarner Bros. wants a trilogy.
  47. movies
    Warner Bros. Planning Artificial Harry Potter ShortageYou’ve been warned.
  48. Warner Bros. Already Eyeing Sherlock Holmes 3No. 2’s not even out yet.
  49. exclusive
    After Batman 3, Christopher Nolan Wants to Make His Shelved Howard Hughes BiopicIt’ll be freakier than The Aviator.
  50. the industry
    Industry Roundup: New Shonda Rhimes Pilot Green-LitPlus: Alec Baldwin offered a role in ‘Rock of Ages’?
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