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  1. media digest
    Everything to Know About the Media’s Reckoning With Abuse of PowerHearst Magazines president Troy Young has resigned after allegations of misogyny and uncomfortable sexual comments.
  2. a modest proposal
    Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Went to a WaPo News Meeting As Movie ResearchNext stop, Vulture? Please?
  3. music
    Whoops, the Washington Post Thought Giovanni Ribisi Played in the Roots“Journalism at its finest.” —Questlove.
  4. economypocalypse
    Washington Post Killing Stand-Alone Book SectionDue to “the economy,” the Washington ‘Post’ will discontinue the stand-alone version of its Sunday book review.
  5. ranters and ravers
    For Lisa de Moraes’s Sake, Please Don’t Cancel the TV Critics Tour!The annual junket might be useless, but it provides the Washington ‘Post”s sharpest critic with a big, fat target.
  6. ranters and ravers
    Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter Could Learn a Thing or Two From ‘Mr. Woodcock’With a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 18 percent, Mr. Woodcock is unlikely to get Vulture to a movie theater. But it “delivers some chuckles” and that was apparently good enough for Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter.
  7. ranters and ravers
    After Internal Investigation, Washington ‘Post’ Admits Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter Liked ‘License to Wed’“Highly amusing,” he called it.
  8. ranters and ravers
    Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter: Our Nation’s ShameIn any given week, you can pluck his review out of the Post and be assured it will be absurdly overwritten, hemmed into his limited aesthetic purview, and quite frequently totally wrong.