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  1. sequels
    Watchmen Sequels, Prequels to Possibly ExistAlan Moore will be thrilled.
  2. the industry
    Ryan Reynolds Just Buried in Job OffersPlus: Jim James, a.k.a. Yim Yames.
  3. the internet
    Which Movie Will the Internet Ruin Next?’Terminator Salvation’ and ‘Watchmen’ were both allegedly made stinkers by fanboy-appeasing filmmakers — what’s next?
  4. vigilante justice
    Shadow Hare’s Enemies Rise Up on CraigslistIt’s hard out there for masked avengers.
  5. wangs
    Real-life Watchmen Patrolling the Streets of CincinnatiTry calling Zack Snyder a failure now!
  6. the industry
    William Hurt Will Show Off His Jousting SkillsPlus: pirate hunters.
  7. terrifying realizations
    Where the Wild Watchmen Are?The trailers of these two films have some eerie similarities.
  8. zack snyder
    Will Warner Bros. Let Zack Snyder Burn Another $100 Million?Following stinky box office for ‘Watchmen,’ who knows!
  9. Is Grant Morrison Writing His Own Watchmen?Morrison let slip that he’s currently working on a mini-series for DC Comics featuring the Charlton Comics superhero characters used as the basis for ‘Watchmen.’
  10. wangs
    Roger Ebert Weighs in on Dr. Manhattan’s “You-Know-What”How many men could resist the opportunity to do a little tweaking?
  11. recouping
    Will Watchmen’s Mediocre Box Office Have an Effect on Terminator Salvation’s Proposed R Rating?Heck if we know!
  12. leaks
    Warner Bros. Could Really Capitalize on the Leak of Watchmen’s Opening-Credits SequenceFrankly, it’s the best marketing tool they have available to them at this point.
  13. watchmen
    So Is Watchmen a Hit or Not?Nobody knows!
  14. wangs
    Behold, Doctor Manhattan’s Wang!NSFW, obviously!
  15. wangs
    Dr. Manhattan’s Wang Gets First Negative Review“Throughout most of the whole picture, one male character walks around completely naked, with his private parts waving in the breeze.”
  16. wangs
    Dr. Manhattan’s ‘Giant Blue Wiener’ Gets ‘Glowing’ ReviewsMassive and uncircumcised.
  17. quote machine
    Sadly, the Visionary Director of 300 Too Chicken to Tackle the Unfilmable Archie SagaPlus: Rosie O’Donnell threatens to join Twitter.
  18. backlash
    Watchmen Backlash — Against the Book!“‘Watchmen’ wasn’t unfilmable, it was unreadable.”
  19. 25 Things Zack Snyder Actually Got Right in WatchmenThe intentional pleasures! The unintentional laughs!
  20. quote machine
    The Bachelor Continues to Be a HeelPlus: Chris Issak talks ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ about ten years after you stopped caring about it.
  21. tempering expectations
    Will Watchmen Kill the Comic-Book Movie? Its Director Sure Hopes SoWe’re pretty sure that’s not what Warner Bros. wants to hear.
  22. watchmen
    Edelstein on Watchmen“An awe-inspiring corpse: huge, noisy, gaseously distended by its own dystopia.”
  23. watchmen
    Does Watchmen Stand a Chance With Non-Fanboys?The first reviews aren’t encouraging!
  24. surprise!
    Shocker: Harry Knowles Loved WatchmenWe’re sure you were just dying to know what he thought.
  25. watchmen
    Alan Moore Not the Only Guy Hoping Watchmen Movie TanksIf this movie’s as big a hit as everybody’s expecting, Warner Bros. is holding producer Larry Gordon responsible for all the money the studio has to pay Fox.
  26. alan moore
    This Is What Alan Moore Says Before Launching Into a Tirade About Superheroes These Days“I have to say that I haven’t seen a comic, much less a superhero comic, for a very, very long time now.”
  27. wangs
    Outrage: Watchmen Movie’s Doctor Manhattan to Have Large Penis“Massive and circumcised.”
  28. watchmen
    Watchmen UnabridgedThe DVD will include a 205-minute director’s cut.
  29. backlash
    What’s the Matter With Watchmen?What will be the movie’s growly Batman voice?
  30. nerdgasms
    It’s Official, We’ve Reached the Saturation Point With Watchmen Marketing EffortsIs it March 6 yet?
  31. watchmen
    Watchmen Illustrator Complicit in Movie’s Changed EndingGibbons drew storyboards for the movie’s squid-less ending.
  32. watchmen
    Black Freighter Gets DVD Release DateToo bad they couldn’t figure out a way to get it out before March 6.
  33. watchmen
    Who’s Flickring the Watchmen?Is it March 6 yet?
  34. watchmen
    My Chemical Romance’s Dylan Cover Shockingly Not TerrificWe like MCR, but their Dylan cover for the ‘Watchmen’ soundtrack isn’t really doing it for us.
  35. news reel
    New Watchmen Promo Reveals Why Dr. Manhattan Is Infinitely Cooler Than Dr. DetroitIt isn’t because he refuses to wear pants.
  36. watchmen
    Fox Settles With Warner Bros. for Lucrative Cut of Watchmen 2 GrossRelax, nerds — ‘Watchmen’ will be out on March 6, as planned.
  37. watchmen
    Watchmen Settlement Coming Today?Warner Bros. and Fox have requested a hearing today to discuss a “final resolution.”
  38. watchmen
    Warner Bros. ‘Close’ to Paying Fox a Bunch of MoneyThe studios are allegedly ‘close’ to resolving their dispute over ‘Watchmen.’
  39. watchmen
    ‘Freaked’ Warner Bros. Finally Talking Watchmen SettlementExpect Fox to cash the check on Monday!
  40. quote machine
    Daniel Craig Is Gonna Live ForeverPlus: Scarlett Johansson is nobody’s Juno.
  41. watchmen
    Watchmen: Judgment DayThe fate of the ‘Watchmen’ movie now rests with a judge following a decision from Warner Bros.and Fox to forgo a jury trial.
  42. trailer mix
    Japanese Watchmen Trailer Sheds New Light on JFK AssassinationApparently the Comedian did it.
  43. beef
    Watchmen Battle: Which Studio Is Better, Warner Bros. or Fox?The battle over ‘Watchmen’ has devolved into a hilarious squabble over evidence that Warner says proves that it’s the ‘better’ studio
  44. trailer mix
    ‘Watchmen’ Trailer: Rorschach Speaks!Commence nerdgasm.
  45. chat room
    ‘Watchmen’ Illustrator Dave Gibbons on His New Book, the ‘Watchmen’ Movie, and Why You Won’t Even Notice That Doctor Manhattan Is Naked’You’re not looking really at a naked man; you’re looking at a model of a naked man. I know that’s a rather fine distinction.’
  46. mysteries
    Does the ‘Watchmen’ Movie End Like the Book After All?Maybe!
  47. wangs
    New ‘Watchmen’ Footage Leaves Nothing to the ImaginationDon’t worry: Doctor Manhattan will be pantsless.
  48. countdown
    Fanboys, Federal Judge Adore Early ‘Watchmen’ FootageA 30-minute screening has critics doing the happy dance.
  49. tube junkie
    New Alan Moore Documentary Spills the Details on His Writing Process, Most Recent SandwichOn September 30, ‘The Mindscape of Alan Moore’ is released on DVD, featuring an in-depth look at one of the most brilliant comic writers ever.
  50. the industry
    Owen Wilson SucksPlus: ‘Watchmen 2’?
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