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Watership Down

  1. tv review
    Watership Down Is a Children’s Fable That Doesn’t Shy Away From DeathThe Netflix–BBC adaptation of Richard Adams’s best seller will enthrall and terrify a new generation.
  2. right click
    Sam Smith’s Watership Down Song ‘Fire on Fire’ Will Absolutely (Ship)wreck YouYou wouldn’t think a ballad would be the perfect soundtrack for rabbits repeatedly escaping death, but man, he nails it.
  3. trailers
    Bunnies Are on the Run in the First Watership Down TrailerSome of your favorite actors are now rabbits in peril.
  4. casting
    Gemma Chan and Peter Capaldi Will Ruin You in the Watership Down Mini-SeriesIt’s just rabbits fleeing death and destruction.
  5. obits
    Watership Down Author Richard Adams Dead at 96His daughter confirmed the news.
  6. the industry
    BBC Orders Watership Down With John BoyegaIt’ll be slightly less horrifying with Finn’s voice, but still.